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ehigohe1ebigohenbride wealth; much-reduced bride wealth paid by a widower to his wife’s family if they should send him another girl as a replacement2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage2.6.1Marriage

ehihoowaebihowanbride wealth loan; dowry of a sister that was received when she married is also used by her brother when marrying2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage2.6.1Marriage

emaaliemaalin1dowry, bride wealth; items paid by s.b. marrying a wifeEfe Abanyole huhwa emaali nyingi.We Banyole give (lit: marry with) plenty of bride wealth. a marriage2.6.1Marriage2riches, wealth; valuable assets that s.b. owns6.8.1.5Possession, property6.8.2Accumulate wealth4.4.1Prosperity6.8.1.2Rich6.8.1Have wealth

esirusoesirusonfee; money given to a bride to induce her to eat with her in-laws6.8.4.5Pay2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage

ohubaŋiravelope, when a woman leaves her home without formal advance agreement, not telling her parents to get their permission before doing so2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage2.6.1.2Wedding2.6.1Marriageohubaŋisavelope; take a wife without formal advance agreement, before seeking her parents’ consent, or before the parents give assent2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage2.6.1.2Wedding2.6.1Marriage

ohubaŋisavar.ohubaŋisaniavelope; take a wife without formal advance agreement, before seeking her parents’ consent, or before the parents give assentMaria ni Yozefu behirihise ohubaŋisania.Mary and Joseph agreed to go secretly with each other as an engagement. a marriage2.6.1.2Wedding2.6.1Marriageder. ofohubaŋira

ohufumbirwavget marriedNafumbiiye omuhana owedembe.I married a peaceful girl. for a daughter to get married2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage

ohufumbisavarrange for a daughter to get marriedAfumbisa omuhaana wuwe eTororo.He is marrying off his daughter in Tororo. a marriageder. ofohufumbirwa

ohugedavherd, direct animals where to go, esp. bride wealth cattleGedireho mbojo yʼomusere oyo.He went for the [bride wealth] cattle of that boy’s sister.6.3.2Tend herds in fields2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eating

ohuhwav1get married2.6.1.2Wedding2.6.1Marriage2pay dowry or bride wealth in order to marry2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage2.6.1Marriage

ohuŋejav1court favour; appease parents and relatives of a girl in order to secure their consent to marry her2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage2send gifts; appease6.8.3.1Give, donate4.8.4.3Appeaseohuŋeejanavgive to each other6.8.3.1Give, donate4.3.4.5Share with

ohupaasavcause adultery; cause a married woman to elope with youGapahiise muhyala wange.He eloped my wife away. a marriage2.6.2.3Sexual immorality

ohusereravintroduce a suitor to the parent’s of a girl in preparation for marriageGasereeye omuhaana.He married a girl. a marriage3. for the first time

olubaŋisoembaŋisonknack for marrying; for getting more wivesOmusinde oyo ali nʼolubaŋiso.That man has a knack of getting wives. a marriage

omwanduemyandunbride wealthEfe Abanyole huhwa omwandu mungi.We Banyole give (marry with) plenty of bride wealth. a marriage2.6.1Marriage