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ehigomaebigomanculvert; one of the pieces that make a pipe for water that crosses the road or railway, enabling water to cross6.6.7.2Conveying water6.6.7Working with water6.2.4.3Irrigate1.2.1.5Underground

ekeroekeronhole made by termites at the sides of an anthill for ventilationAmage maŋigo gayaba ekero ohwetoloola ehiswa hyago.The termites that swarm at dawn make holes around their anthill.1.6.5Animal home1.2.1.5Underground7.8.6Dig

enjuhondepth; deepest part in the middle of a lake, sea or riverEnjuho ya Nalubaale yiri efuuti nkumi edatu nalusanvu nʼehumi na musanvu.The deepest part of lake Victoria is three thousand seven hundred and seventeen feet., lake1.3.1.3River8.2.6.5Deep, shallow8.2.6.4Low1.2.1.5Underground

epunguluepunguluncave; large hole in the side of a hill, cliff or a mountain or one that is undergroundEpungulu jomusosi jijamo olusosi ni rutondewa oba jiyabiwa nʼebisolo.Caves are made during the formation of the mountains or animals dig them.Abasolera etalo mu sosi behweha mu pungulu.Combatants in the mountains use caves for hiding.1.6.5Animal home1.2.1.5Undergroundepungulu eyʼohwehwehamo ni basoolancave hideout; hiding place for combatants4.

epungulu eyʼohwehwehamo ni basoolaepungulu eyʼohwehwehamo ni basoolancave hideout; hiding place for combatants4. ofepungulu

eroŋoamaloŋon1hole, hollow; space dug in the ground or a hole through an objectGayabire eroŋo omugabiihire amasisye agohugimuhisa ebirime bibye.He dug a hole in which he kept cow dung for fertilising his crops.Omwana ali nʼeroŋo mu lino.The child has a hole in the tooth.7.8.5Make hole, opening8.; opening on a mountain going deep into the ground through which cinders and ashes are ejectedOlusosi lunalehera ohuhaasa omuliro, eroŋo omugutulira lifuuha nyanja.When the volcano stops ejecting fire, the crater becomes a lake.; hole in the ground where water springs forthOmumwi gunatula, nʼamaloŋo agabamo esulo goosi gomera.During the dry season the holes where water springs up also dry up.1.3.2Movement of water1.3.2.1Flow1.3.2.2Pour1.3.1.4Spring, well

obugaaganriches, wealth; assets that make s.b. richObugaaga bwa Uganda bulimo amafuta ezaabbu ko nʼebirime ebitaniwa.The assets making the riches of Uganda include oil, gold and cash crops., property6.8.2Accumulate wealth4.4.1Prosperity6.8.1.2Rich6.8.1Have wealthebyʼobugaga ebyomwirobanminerals; articles of wealth obtained from under the ground6.6.2Working with minerals1.2.2.4Mineralohuyaba ebyʼobugaagavmine; extract minerals from underground6.6.6Working with land6.6.2Working with minerals1.2.1.5Underground6.6.2.1Mining7.8.6Dig

olubangaemangan1large flat rock on which things can be spread for dryingObugehe bwa mwogo bwoma mangu ni wanihiwire hu lubanga.The split cassava dries quickly when spread on a large, flat rock.; deep and wide crack on a rock where water collects when it rainsAŋirire eŋombe hu lubanga ohunywa amaaji.He has taken the cattle to the hollow on the rock to drink water., lake1.2.1.5Underground

olufaefancrack; line showing the broken part on s.t.Caayi wange asulula kuba ehihopo hiriho olufa.My tea is leaking because there is a crack on the cup.Eroba lyasamiriye efa olwobwomu.The ground has gaping crack because of its dryness., wear out

omwombeemyomben1river basin; valley where water flowsEmyaha jinabitaŋo olwabi lucuusa omwombe gwalwo.After many years a river changes its basin. of water1.2.1.4Valley2furrow, channel, ditch in a ploughed garden in which water may flow, esp. after rain fall6.6.7.2Conveying water1.3.1.3River6.6.7Working with water1.3.1Bodies of water6.2.4.3Irrigate8.3.2.5Furrow3tunnel; empty space in the ground or on the surface of an object dug by an animal to sleep in1.6.5Animal home1.2.1.5Underground7.8.6Dig