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ehigwalaaliebigwalaalinsmooth thing8.3.2.1Smooth

erandaerandanplane; tool that is used to make wooden surfaces smooth and flat8. with wood

obutereefun1straightness, directness; state of being without bends8.3.1.3Straight2levelness; state of having no humps8.; state of showing no favouritism4.7.9.1Impartial4.7.9Justice4simpleness; state of being unsophisticated8., plain

ohulanda2vplane; make a plank of timber smooth8. with wood

ohusyenav1sand, make smooth using sand paper8. with wood2polish and put a sheen on, e.g., with varnish or by rubbing7.7.5Rub8.3.2.1Smooth8.3.3.1Shine