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ehigwirovar.ehigwiro hyʼedengeebigwironwaterfall; place where river water falls from a heightEhigwiro hyʼe Sipi hiri nga miita nkaga obuleeŋi.The water fall at Sipi is about 60m high. hyemeerinseaport; mooring place7.5.2Join, attach7. hyʼendegenaerodrome, airport, airfield; built place where aeroplanes land7.2.4.3Fly

ehigwiro hyemeeriebigwiro byʼemeerinseaport; mooring place7.5.2Join, attach7. ofehigwiro

enkasienkasinoar; long pole with a wide flat part at one end that is used for rowing a boat7.

eryatoamaatonboat, canoe; small vehicle moved by oars on water that is used in fishing7.

ohubengeyav1float; not sink in water1.3.4Be in water2sail; travel by water7. by water

ohwambuhav1cross a body of water, esp. a river or swampOlwejo hwambuhire enyanja.We crossed a river yesterday. past, over, through7.2.4.2Travel by water2Metaphor. survive; come through difficulties4.4.3.7Surviveohwambusavcarry people or goods across a body of water7.3Move something7. nyanjanIdiom. foreigner4.1.2Types of people4.6.2.1Foreigner

ohwambusavcarry people or goods across a body of waterAbanalunyanja bambusa ebyʼamatano obuliba bwa Antalatika ohuŋwa e Bulaya ni babiŋira mu Amerika.Sailors transport goods across the Atlantic Ocean to America.7.3Move something7. ofohwambuha