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ehinambulamoebinambulamonnonsense; s.t. without meaning, that happens without cause3.2.1.4Stupid3.5.8.2Meaningless3.5.5Foolish talkehinambulamo sanIdiom. useless thing6.

ohubuulav1gossip, tattle on; engage in idle talk, telling other people’s secrets3. talk2read loudly3.5.7.3Read3solve a riddle3.5.4.3Riddle3.5.4.6Verbal tradition4.2.8Humor4reveal actions ofAbuuye mugandaawe agebire omutyere.He has revealed his brother who stole the rice., unknown3., preach; deliver a sermon3.5.2Make speech3.6.1Show, explain3.6Teach3.5.1Sayohubuulirirav1sensitise, inform; make s.b. aware of s.t., unknown3.5.3.2Information3.5.9Mass communication3.5.2.2News, message2give advice, counsel; convince two people to cooperate3.3.3.7Warn3.3.3.2Advise3.3.3.1Suggest4.8.4.2Make an appeal3.3.3.3Persuade4.7.4.1Legal personnelohwebuulavown up, acknowledge; tell people that you are personally responsible for s.t.

ohuyoboyavbabble, sounds made by a baby as it tries to speak3.5.8.3Unintelligible2.6.4.1Baby3. poorly3.5.5Foolish talk