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ehingirasuguebingirasugunmoney given as an advance payment for treatment esp. given to herbalists6.8.4.5Pay2.5.7Treat disease2.5.7.5Traditional medicine

ehisale2ebisalenfee; s.t. has to be paidEbisale byʼesomero.School fees.

ekembaekembanpay, wages, remuneration; what s.b. gets for s.t. good he did6.8.4.5Pay6.9.2Work for someone6.8.2.7Earn

epaŋaboepaŋabon1diviner’s fee6.8.4.5Pay2court fees; charges of the court before it hears a case6.8.4.5Pay4.7.4Court of law

epeera2epeeranpay, wages; what s.b. earns for workingEpeera yiye yiri esiringi emitwalo ehumi buli mwesi.His pay is a hundred thousand shillings per month. for someone6.8.2.7Earn

eposyoeposyonpayment made to s.b. for doing some work6.8.4.5Pay6.9.2Work for someone6.8.2.7Earn

epoozaepoozanmarket fee; tax paid for selling things in the market6.8.4.5Pay6.8.8Tax

esirusoesirusonfee; money given to a bride to induce her to eat with her in-laws6.8.4.5Pay2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage

mu himesumu bimesumesuninstalment; part payments of moneyOŋanga wasasula ebisale byesomero mu bimesumesu bidatu.Fess can be paid in three instalments. ofehimesumesu

obwayin1animal husbandry; way of looking after animals6.3Animal husbandry2payment made to a herdsman for looking after s.b.’s animals. It is usually in the form of an animal6.8.4.5Pay6.3.8Veterinary science6.3Animal husbandryomwayinherdsman; s.b. who rears animals6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.2.7Farm worker

ohugobohesavreturn s.t. or to assist and return s.t. for s.b. else7.3.3.2Return somethingohugobohesahovpay interest6.8.4.5Pay6.8.5.5Credit

ohuŋerereravfacilitate; support financially; donate regularly; pay school fees for6.8.4.5Pay4. for, support6.8.3Share wealth6.8.3.1Give, donate

ohuŋoosavcollect, levy duesOhuŋoosa mukatale e Busolwe.Levy dues in the Busolwe market.

omuŋoosaabaŋoosantax collector, revenue collector; s.b. who levies another6.8.4.5Pay6.8.8Tax

omusoloemisolongraduated tax6.8.4.5Pay6.8.8Tax