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ehinuebinunmortar; bowl shaped vessel made of wood in which food is pounded6.7.2Pounding tool5. in mortar and pestle5.2.1.3Cooking utensil

engoolo2engoolon1thresher; flail for millet or for ramming the floor of a newly made houseEngoolo yanguŋia ohuhubba obule ohusinga ohuŋuula.Threshing millet with a flail is faster than pounding it in a mortar.6.2.8Agricultural tool6.2.6.3Thresh6.5.3.1Building equipment and maintenance5. in mortar and pestle2club; shaped stick with a thick butt used in fighting6.7.2Pounding tool4.8.3.7Weapon, shoot

eso2esonsmall upper stone used when grinding milletOhusa obule hyetagisa eso hu lubaale.To grind millet you need a smaller stone for crushing the grain on the larger one.6.7.2Pounding tool6.2.6.2Mill grain5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation5. in mortar and pestle7.7.6Grind5. flour
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