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eperekezieperekezinattendant; s.b. who goes along with s.b. to accompany them7.2.5Accompany9.5.2.2With, be with9.5.2.3With, do with someone7.2.5.3Guide7.3.3Take somewhere

nivar.neconj1plus; and; alsoWere ni Jiraya bahuumi.Were and Jiraya are protecting gods., also2with9.6.1.3Association9.5.2.2With, be with9.5.2.1Together9.5.3.3With (a patient), do with someone8. the same time9.6.1.4Combinative relation3consequentlyNi naaŋo kuŋʼamagesi oje omuhubbire amafuha.Consequently I am advising you to go and apologise to him. of topic9.6.2.9Concession9.6.2.6Result9.6Connected with, related

ohuŋimbaaniavhold tightly together; make two things stick together, e.g., by tying them with a ropeOsobola ohuŋimbaania embusi ebiri hu mugoye mulala nʼojiŋira mwakisoni ohujitana.You can tie two goats together using one rope when taking them to the market to be sold., be with9.5.2.1Together7.5.2.2Stick together9.6.1.4Combinative relationder. ofohuŋimba