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ehimyasoebimyason1lightning; bright light that flashes during a thunder stormEhimyaso hyʼekuba hitaamo emoni.Lightening is too strong for the eyes., thunder8. source2torch, flashlight; small lamp held in the hand that receives its power from stored electricity in batteriesSynetooki8. source8.3.3.1Shine

ehirabuliebirabulinchimney; some hard structure that is transparent, esp. that one used on lamps8. sourceafuuŋa mu hirabulinglass blower6.6.2.5Working with glass

ekubaekubanlightning; strong fire coming from the clouds when it is raining, or when it is about to rainOnabona ehimyaso hyʼekuba yiba siyihuhubba.If you see a flash of lightning then you have not been struck by it., thunder8. source

enjasenlight; brightness, illumination that allows things to be seenEnjase jʼomwesi sijitamo moni hyʼejeryuba.The brightness of the moonlight is not as hurting to the eye as that one of the sun. source1.1.1Sun

epeesa1amapeesan1button; object sewn on shirts and coats that help to fasten them when they are wornEpeesa lino egalamu luhulu ohubita mwiroŋo lya mapesa hu saati yange.This button is too wide to pass through the button hole of my shirt.5.3.6Parts of clothing6.7.5Fastening tool6.6.1Working with cloth2knob, switch; s.t. that is pressed to operate a device8. source6.7.9Machine

eraadueraadunlightning; strong bright light that comes from the clouds when it is raining, or about to rainEradu yimyasa konyo yaduma.There is lightning before the rumbling of thunder., thunder8. source

etadoobaetadoobankerosene candle; small lamp made from an old tin using paraffin to light the wick8. sourceetadooba yo mu laabbunbunsen burner3.6.6Science8. source6.6.2.9Working with chemicals

etangaalwen1broad daylightGebire emicungwa mutangaalwe muweene.He stole oranges in broad daylight.8.3.3Light8. source1.1.1Sun2midday8. of the day

etaalaetaalanlamp; device for giving light8. sourceetaala eyakoyironlamp that uses paraffin and has a glass chimney8. source

etaala eyakoyiroetaala ejakoyironlamp that uses paraffin and has a glass chimney8. sourceder. ofetaala

etookietookiEnglishntorch, flashlight; small lamp held in the hand that receives its power from stored electricity in batteriesSynehimyaso source8.3.3.1Shine

ohumesyavshine; emit light very quickly and in a short timeLeha humehesya etooki mu moni ja baatu.Don’t shine the torch in people’s eyes. source8.3.3.1Shine1.1.1Sunohumyasavdazzle, flash brightly, of light e.g., lightning8., thunder8.3.3.1Shine

ohumuliha2vgo out to a termite mound at night with a light to collect white ants that are attracted to the lightNiwenda ohumuliha esejere oŋwa hwiro.If you want to torch the sejere white ants you forfeit sleep.6.4.2Trap7.2.6.1Catch, capture6.4.6Things done to animals6.4Hunt and fishohumulisavshine a light to locate s.t. in darkness8. source

ohumulisavshine a light to locate s.t. in darkness8. sourceder. ofohumuliha2

ohwaduhav1burn and show off lightEtaala yaaduhire obwire bwosibwosi.The lamp burned the whole night.5.5.1Light a fire8. source5.5.5What fires produce5.5Fire2shine; show light and brightnessEryuba lyaduha.The sun shines. etaalavlight a lantern8. source

ohwadusa omulirovignite; light a fire5.5.1Light a fire5.5.2Tend a fire

olutambi1etambincandle or lamp wick8. source

omusubbaawaemisubbaawancandle; cylindrical piece of wax with a wick in the middle of it that produces light as it burns8. source5.1Household equipment4.9.8Religious things

omuusiadv1daylight; daytime between seven o’clock in the morning and six o’clock in the eveningEbisolo ebisinga obungi byaya mu muusi byaŋenyuha owiire.Most animals feed during the day and sleep at night. of the day8.3.3Light8. source1.1.1Sun2afternoonOnaaje olwaŋahani mu muusi.You come today in the afternoon. of the day