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ehinyaŋaebinyaŋancannibal; s.b. who eats human flesh or an animal that eats the flesh of its own kind. But now it is used to mean s.b. who eats anythingNahinywamalwa hinyaŋa mu nyuni; yirya buli hiitu.The crow is a greedy bird; it eats anything.5.2.2Eat5.2.2.4Manner of eating

ekambi2ekambinswallow made when drinking5.2.2Eat5.2.2.7Drink

ohubbahabbahanav1eat ravenously or greedilyAbaana basomi babbahabbahana hubbahabbahana ebiryo.School children eat ravenously.5.2.2Eat5.2.2.4Manner of eating2rake in; collect s.t. in a hurry6.8.2.6Collect7.5.1Gather

ohubbuhunyavgallop down or bolt down food; eat quickly while already chewing a mouthfulEŋombe jibbuhunya enyasi nijaaya ngaŋo oluvanyuma ko jirinyanya.Cows take in mouthfuls when grazing and later on chew their cud.5.2.2Eat5.2.2.4Manner of eating

ohufenjaveat a lot of food for a long time5.2.2Eat5.2.2.4Manner of eating

ohuhalahasavswallow food very quickly5.2.2Eat5.2.2.4Manner of eating

ohuhamiravswallow s.t. small5.2.2Eat

ohuhombavlick; draw the tongue over s.t.Eŋombe yihomba enyana ni yahasaalanga.A cow licks its young immediately after delivery.5.2.2Eat2.3.3Taste2.1.1.4Mouthohuhombahovfind out the taste of s.t. by licking5.2.2.4Manner of eating2.3.3Tasteohwehombavlick your lips or fingers when eating; get food from around the mouth using the tongue5.2.2Eat2.3.3Taste2.1.1.4Mouth

ohuliiwavbe eaten5.2.2Eatder. ofohulya

ohuloheravchoke on food; cough when food is stuck in the throat5.2.2Eat

ohulombera ekabivsay grace; pray and give thanks before eating4.9.5.2Pray5.2.2Eat3. ofohulomba

ohumiravswallow; cause the food or drink to move from the mouth into the stomach5.2.2Eatohumira amatevIdiom. be excited3. good3. doing somethingohumiryongosavswallow food quickly and easily5.2.2Eat

ohumiryongosavswallow food quickly and easily5.2.2Eatder. ofohumira

ohuniaŋavlick thoroughly and fondlyAli mu huniaŋa omwiho kuba eryani balirungire bulaŋi.She is fondly licking the stirring stick because the sauce was well prepared.5.2.2Eat2.3.3Taste2.1.1.4Mouthohweniaŋavlick your lips or fingers when eating; get food from around the mouth using the tongue5.2.2Eat2.3.3Taste2.1.1.4Mouth

ohutoolera2vstart eatingSabira ebiryo hutoolere ohulya.Bless the food and we start eating.5.2.2Eat

ohwahirav1eat the first fruits of the season for the first time, e.g., eat new millet6.2.5.1First fruits5.2.2Eat2experience s.t. for the first time8.

ohwayav1graze; take cattle to the bush for grazingNjaani oja ohwaya eŋoombe ŋaahani?Who is going to graze the cattle now?6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eating2the eating of grass by animalsEŋoombe jiri mu hwaya.The cows are eating grass.5.2.2Eat6.3Animal husbandry3look after animalsWabwire gaaya bulaŋi ebisolo bibye; byosibyosi binyirira.Wawire tends his animals well; they are all lively.6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandryohwayihisamovgraze animals in a certain locality6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eatingohwayisavgraze animals6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eating

ohwefundaveat, feed yourself; put food into the mouth5.2.2Eat
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