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ehiŋagalaebiŋagalansharpener; tool used to enhance the sharpness of other cutting tools8.3.2.3Sharp6.7.1Cutting tool

ehiŋagaleebiŋagalensharpened implement, e.g., a knife or a hoe8.3.2.3Sharp

ehiŋagaliebiŋagalinsharpened tool8.3.2.3Sharp

ehisongohiebisongohins.t. with a sharp, pointed, piercing end8.3.2.3Sharp8.

ehyogiebyogin1cutting or piercing tool that has been sharpenedEngeso yiba njogi nʼepisyo yosi yaba njogi.A knife can be sharp just as a needle can be sharp.Pe ehyogi hyangeʼhyo njeteme ebisaala.Give me my sharp tool (big knife or axe) and I go to cut down the trees.Ehiitu hiba hyogi nihiriho omunwa ogusimita.S.t. is sharp when it has a pointed end.; metal instrument used in fightingAmafumo nʼebiso byahusoosa ebyogi.Spears and daggers are sharp weapons., shoot

ekekeyuekekeyunsharpener; implement that sharpens other metal or wooden things like pencils8.3.2.3Sharp6.7.1Cutting tool

obwogin1sharpness; what a knife should be like for cutting8.3.2.3Sharp8. intelligence, cleverness; ability to understand, learn and have opinions based on reason3.2.1.3Intelligent6.1.1.1Expert

ohubangulavsharpen a cutting tool8.3.2.3Sharp

ohuhengavsharpen an object so that it ends in a point8.3.2.3Sharpohwehengav1Metaphor. be cautious, prepared; make yourself ready before an assault6.1.2.6Prepare4.4.3.4Caution3.3.1.1Purpose, goal7.5.5Organize6. something for use2Metaphor. examine yourself3.2.2.3Evaluate, test6.1.2.6Prepare2.3.1.3Examine2.3.1.1Look3.2.2.1Study

ohusongolavsharpen; make s.t. pointed8.3.2.3Sharp8. with8.3.2.3Sharp

ohusongosavsharpen withEkalaamu bayisongosa kekeyu.A pencil is sharpened is using a sharpener. ofohusongola

omudadiemidadinsharpened pointed stick used in place of a spear4.4.4.5Protect8.3.2.3Sharp8., shoot