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ehiraŋiadjgood, beautiful; s.t. that is very satisfactory because it is pleasant, of high quality and suitableEsambo jenywe ndaŋi.Your manners are good. sexually4.3.1Good, moral8.3.7Good6.

ehyʼamahulu1ebyʼamahulunimportanceHyamahulu hi omumwi ohwaduha guuti?What is the importance of this intense sunshine? status8.3.7.9Valueehibuluwa amahuluadvmeaningless9. purpose

ehyʼomugasoebyʼomugason1ehiitu ehitambisiwa6. thing; s.t. that is highly valued by its owner6.

ohugasavbe useful, beneficial, fruitfulOhusoma huja hugasa abaatu boosi.Education will be beneficial to all people. atagasannobody; s.b. having no influence4.5.6.2Low status4.1.4.1Social class