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ehiŋulumbeebiŋulumben1cylinder; s.t. round and long8.3.1.6Round2hard solid compact object that keeps its clear shapeHuliiye etome lyʼowiita eŋulumbe.We have eaten a solid lump of millet.1.2.3Solid, liquid, gas

ehyaloebyalon1village, neighbourhood, locality; place where there is a settlementOmubbambafu Wicks amenyire mu hyalo hyʼe Mugulu.Mr. Wicks lives in Mugulu village.8.5Location8.5.3Be at a place8.5.4Area4.6.7.2City4.6.7Region4.1.4Neighbor8.5.4.1Vicinity4.6.7.4Community2country; area of land that forms an independent political unit with its own governmentEhyalo hya Uganda hirimo enimi nyingi.The country of Uganda has many languages., world; planet on which human life has developed, esp. all people and their ways of lifeOmwesi gwetoloola ehyalo.The moon goes round the earth.; land that is not in town or in an industrial area, that is either used for farming or left in its natural conditionSamanyire biitu bingi ebyʼehibuga kuba ko gahaŋwanga mu hyalo.He does not know much about town because he has just come from the countryside. hyosihyosinglobe; whole earth or a representation of it7.2.4.8Map8.3.1.6Round1.2Worldohuseebula ehyalovEuph. die2.6.6Dieohwaya ehyalovIdiom. spread all over7.5.1.1Separate, scatter1.3.2.1Flow7.3.7.3Spread, smear7.5.7Multiple things moving

ehyalo hyosihyosiebyalo hyosibyosinglobe; whole earth or a representation of it7.2.4.8Map8.3.1.6Round1.2Worldder. ofehyalo

ehyehulungirifuebyehulungirifunsphere, orb, s.t. round and solid8.3.1.6Round

ehyetoloofuebyetoloofunround; s.t. circular with a circumference or spherical like a ball8.3.1.6Round

epetaepetanring; circular band made of precious materials worn on fingers as adornment8.3.1.6Round5.4.1Jewelryeyi mwenge gwahwa epetanIdiom. drunkard5.