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ehiŋwaboebiŋwaboncurse; words asking a magical power to cause s.t. unpleasant to happen to s.b.Aliho ehiŋwabo cehigira natamya mere.He has a curse that is why he has crop failure.

ohudibavbe unsold, e.g., of goods in a shop6.8.4.2Sell6.9.3MarketingohudibyavMetaphor. become wasted, unproductive due to a curse6.8.2.3Lose wealth4.9.4.4Curse4. standard6.

ohugereesa1v1coax s.t. in order to kill it3.3.3Influence3.3.3.3Persuade2.6.6.1Kill2practice sorcery to send misfortune to s.b. by manipulating medicines or substances4.9.4.4Curse4.9.4.1Sorcery

ohuholaholaniavbewitch; practice sorcery, involving the magical use of medicines or substancesBakolaholanisye omubiri gwange.They have bewitched my body. cheat4.3.5.1Dishonest4.7.8.2Break a contract4.3.5.5Deceive6.8.9.2Cheat

ohulogavbewitch; practice sorcery4.9.4.4Curse4.9.4.1Sorceryohulogololavremove sorcery4.9.4.1Sorcery

ohuŋasa2v1tire, drain, exhaust s.b.2.4.4Tired2curse s.b. in order to cause their life to be wasted or unproductiveOlwohweŋulira huhwe nʼebibye bamuŋasa ŋahani aŋuma ehyali ni nahyo.Because of his pride with his property he was cursed, now he has nothing.ŋasagavwalk fast while panting or breathing hard7.2.1.1Walk2.2.1Breathe, breath2.4.4Tired

ohuŋwabavcurse4.9.4.4Curse4.9.4.1Sorceryohuŋwabanav1curse each other4.9.4.4Curse4.9.4.1Sorcery2retaliate with a curse after suffering from a curse4.9.4.4Curse4.8.2.5Revengeohuŋwabululavremove a curse4.9.4.4Curse4.9.4.1Sorcery

ohuŋwabanav1curse each other4.9.4.4Curse4.9.4.1Sorcery2retaliate with a curse after suffering from a curse4.9.4.4Curse4.8.2.5Revengeder. ofohuŋwaba

ohuŋwabululavremove a curseNjaaye gaŋwabuluuye John ejuusi.Njaye removed a curse from John some time ago. ofohuŋwaba

ohusisa2v1cause s.b. to become wasted and unproductive due to a curse6.8.2.3Lose wealth4.9.4.4Curse4. standard6., wipe out; cause s.t. to stop existing4.8.3.1Defeat4.

ohutoola1vwork sorcery against s.b. using s.t. taken from them, e.g., a bit of clothing, sand from footprints, etc.

ohwigalavar.ohwigalaŋovclose; shut7.3.6.2Block, dam up7.3.6.1Shut, closeohwigalirav1be blocked8. something4., dam up2become wasted, unproductive due to a curse6.8.2.3Lose wealth4.9.4.4Curse4. standard6.; move the shutter of a door or window, or a lid of s.t. and let the inside be seen7.3.6Open2start using a constructed structure or start an activity8.4.6.1Start something8.

ohwomavbecome dry; be rid of wetnessEngoye ejiwanihire jomire.The clothes you put on the drying line are dry. wokalaadvIdiophone. very dry1.3.3.1Dry9.2.8Idiophonesohwometanavbe very hard and dry1.3.3.1Dry8.3.6.2Hard, firm8.3.6.3Stiff, flexible1.1.3.8Drought8.3.6.1Strong, brittleohwomeeravdry up, of water1.3.3.1Dryohwomeesavcause s.t. to dry up, e.g., a well, during the dry season1.3.3.1Dry1.1.3.8Droughtohwomyav1cause s.t. to dry1.3.3.1Dry2Metaphor. make s.b.’s life wasted or unproductive due to a curse6.8.2.3Lose wealth4.9.4.4Curse4. standard6.

ohwomyav1cause s.t. to dryOmumwi gwomyisye ebirime.The sunshine has dried up crops. make s.b.’s life wasted or unproductive due to a curseGomisye omuhaana ohutasaala olwʼohuba sibamuhooye.He cursed his daughter not to produce because her husband did not pay bride price for her. wealth4.9.4.4Curse4. standard6. ofohwoma

olwomwendanpoint finger of the left hand. This is the finger which one hits against the left thhumb when swearing a curseWiila wuunyimire amalwa tiina huhubbira hu lwomwenda; nindi suligaluhayo ohwamya obule.As you have begrudged me some millet beer, I am going to hit my left point finger and you will never harvest millet from your field again., toeohuhubba hu olwomwendavIdiom. curse4.9.4.4Curse

omulaamiabalaamincurser; s.b. who makes, places or utters a curse4.9.4.4Curse4.9.4.1Sorcery
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