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ehirambaaliebirambaalinprostrate thing; s.t. that is lying flat on the ground7.1.3Lie down8.3.1.4Horizontal

eroeronsleepiness; drowsinessNenda ohuŋenyuha ero lindi mu moni lingi.I want to sleep as I am feeling drowsy.7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep2.4.4Tired5.7Sleep

magonireadvlying down; being in a lying position7.1.3Lie down7.1Posture

ohufuumalavlie prostrate; flat on the ground on the stomach7.1.3Lie down7.1Posture

ohugalamiriravlie on your back stretched out with the face upOmumeesi njo ola agalamiriiye mu lugudo.That drunkard there is lying out in the road.7.1.3Lie down7.1Posture

ohugonav1go to bedOnagone ŋaali?When will you go to bed to sleep?7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep2sleep7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep3Euph. have sexual intercourse, of a woman with a man2.6.2Sexual relations4lie down7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep

ohulambaalav1lie horizontally on the stomach along the ground7.1.3Lie down2stretch the body in a prostrate state resting in bed3.

ohuŋalulavdrag, pull alongBaŋalula embusi.They are dragging a goat along.7.3Move something7.3.1Carry7.3.2.8Pull7.3.8Transportohuŋalundulyavdrag vigorously along the ground7.3Move something7.3.1Carry7.3.2.8Pull7.3.8Transportohuŋalusavuse s.t. like string or rope for pulling s.t.ŋalulavcrawl on the stomach or sides7.ŋalulira mu bulirivgo to bed; go to sleep7.1.3Lie down5.1.1.3Bed5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep

ohuŋuumulavar.ohuŋuumulahov1rest; stop working for a short periodHuja huŋuumula mu mwesi guno.We are going to rest this month. a nap; sleep esp. after work7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep3Euph. die; stop living2.6.6Die4take a break, holiday; not be at work3. daysohuja mu huŋuumulavgo on a holiday or vacation3. daysohuŋuumusavrelieve of duty or responsibility4.4.4.7Relief6.9.2Work for someone8.

ohwalavprepare a bed for sleeping in it5.1.1.3Bedohwala amasanjav1prepare a bed using dry banana leaves5.1.1.3Bed2Idiom. keep vigil2.6.6.3Funeral3.1.2.1Alertohwaliisavmake s.t. or s.b. lie down7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleepohwalula2vput away bedding after sleeping on it5.1.1.3Bedohweyalavlie down prostrate; down flat7.1.3Lie down

ohweyalavlie down prostrate; down flat7.1.3Lie downder. ofohwala