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ehiramuebiramunliving thing; s.t. that is aliveBuli hiitu ehiramu hifa.Every living thing dies.2.6Life1.4Living things1.6Animal9.1.3.1Physical, non-physical1.7.1Natural

ohubavar.ohubaaŋov1be, exist; be aliveNyina wa Negaga aliŋo; ahiiri mulamu.Negaga’s mother is still alive; she is not dead yet. things9.1.1Be2happenHiina ehibaayeŋo nahabuhiiye semwana?What happened when he shouted at his father?ŋonusual happening, event; s.t. that is common in occurrence8.3.5.3Common8.ŋo aŋa nʼaŋaadvIdiom. regularly, frequently8. aŋʼohubaaŋoninanimate, lifeless thing; s.t. that is not living1.4.1Dead things9.1.3.1Physical, non-physicalehiribaŋonfuture event8.4.6.4Future8. hubaŋonstrange thing8. ohubaaŋonnecessary thing; s.t. that is needed9.4.2.3Necessary ohuba aŋo otivbe undecided9.4.4.6Unsure8.

ohuwangaalavpersist, endure; last for a long time, e.g., live for many years4.4.3.6Endure2.6Life8.4.2.2A long time5.9Live, stayehiwangaazins.t. long-lasting; situation or a being that lasts eternally8.4.2.3Foreverobuwangaazinlifespan8.4.1Period of time2.6Lifeohutawangaalavhave a short life span9.3.1.2To a small degree8.4.1Period of time8.4.2.1A short time

ohwita omubirivIdiom. be full of beans, bursting with energy2.5Healthy2.6Life2.4Body conditionder. ofomubiri

omubiriemibirinbody; entire structure of s.b. or an animal2.1Bodyebimesu byʼomubirinbody parts2.1Body2.6.6.2Corpse8.6Parts of thingsohwita omubirivIdiom. be full of beans, bursting with energy2.5Healthy2.6Life2.4Body condition