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ekobaekobaninheritance; responsibility taken over as an inheritor2.6.6.7Inherit

obulaamen1vow, oath; commitment to do s.t. made by covenant or agreement4.7.5.7Take oath4.7.8.1Covenant3.3.2.1Agree to do something4.7.8Legal contract3.2.5.4Agree with someone2will; legal document declaring a s.b.’s will2.6.6.7Inherit4.7.8Legal contract

ohulaamiravbequeath; arrange how your property will be shared after your death2.6.6.7Inherit

ohusika2vinherit2.6.6.7Inheritohusikiravbe the heir; succeed s.b. after they die2.6.6.7Inheritohusikisavinstall s.b. as heir2.6.6.7Inherit

ohusikiravbe the heir; succeed s.b. after they die2.6.6.7Inheritder. ofohusika2

ohusikisavar.ohusikisahovinstall s.b. as heir2.6.6.7Inheritder. ofohusika2