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ehiroleroebiroleronshed used for a home spirit4.9.8.2Place of worship

ehitabaebitabanplace or tree where a sacrifice is given4.9.8.2Place of worship4.9.5.5Offering, sacrifice4.8.4.3Appease

ehituuti2ebituutinraised place where the sacrifice to God is offered in a place of worship4.9.8.2Place of worship4.9.5.5Offering, sacrifice4.9.8Religious things

ekanisaekanisan1church; official religious organisation whose members believe in Christ following the Anglican way4.9.7.2Christianity4.9.7Religious organization2church; house where the Christians pray, the Anglican way4.9.8.2Place of worship

ekereziyaekereziyaGreekn1church; official religious organisation whose members believe in Christ, the Catholic way4.9.7.2Christianity4.9.7Religious organization2church building; house where the believers in Christ, the Catholic way, go for prayers4.9.8.2Place of worship

emambaliemambalinpulpit; raised part in a church where a priest climbs to speak to the worshipers or a small room in a mosque where the Imam stands when preaching4.9.8.2Place of worship4.9.8Religious things

engoloengolon1sacred grove; traditional shrine where sacrifices to the traditional spirits are madeBuli ekuni eri nʼengolo eyayo.Each clan divinity has its sacred grove. of worship2church4.9.8.2Place of worship

enyumbaenyumbanhouse; building for s.b. or a family to live in6.5.1.1House6.5.1.2Types of housesenyumba eyʼamatafaalinhouse built using bricks6.5.1.1House6.5.1.2Types of housesenyumba yʼesengeronshrine; house of worship4.9.8.2Place of worshipohutula enyumbavIdiom. divorce; abandon a marriage, by a womanSynohutula mwirya4.1.7.1End a relationship2.6.1.4Divorce

enyumba yʼesengeroamayumba gʼesengeronshrine; house of worship4.9.8.2Place of worshipder. ofenyumba

esengeroamasengeronchurch; place where people pay homage to God by offering sacrificesSynesinzizo4.9.8.2Place of worship

esinzizoamasinzizoLugandanchurch; temple for worshipSynesengero4.9.8.2Place of worship

omubajumirihisyaebifo omubajumirihisyanhouse or room where praise is offered4.9.8.2Place of worshipder. ofohujumirya

omugaamiemigaaminhousehold shrine; sacred stone where s.b. prays to the spirits4.9.8.2Place of worship