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ehisagaatiebisagaatin1enclosure; fence round a home4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defend6.5.2.1Wall8., wall2shelter; covered sitting area built for guests at a wedding or funeral4.2.2.3Celebrate6.5.1.2Types of houses6.5.1Building8.4.2.4Temporary3urinal shelter facing around a house6.5.1.5Fence, wall2.2.7Urinate, urine4bathroom shelter6.5.1.5Fence, wall6.5.1.2Types of houses6.5.2.7Room5.6.2Bathe

ehiteepeebiteepenwall; vertical structure made of poles, stones, or bricks that divides or encloses an area4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defend6.5.2.1Wall8., wallehiteepe ehigagiriranwall that encloses and area4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defend6.5.2.1Wall8., wall

engaboengabonlarge shield that envelopes the shield-bearer from head to ankle4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defend4.8.3.7Weapon, shoot

ohwehuumav1abstain4.3.6Self-controlled2.6.2.1Virginity2remain a virgin until marriage4.3.6Self-controlled2.6.2.1Virginity3protect yourself from danger4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defendder. ofohuhuuma

ohwemera3v1guard very jealouslyGemeeye abahaana babe bataja mu mahina.He has jealously kept his daughters so that they would not go to the dance. care of something5.8Manage a house7.4.5Keep something4., restrict, limit; guard very keenly, leaving no room for doing anything elseOmusibe bamwemeeye humwemera.The prisoner was kept and watched over full time. of war7.3.6.3Limit3.3.4.4Prevent7.2.6.2Prevent from moving

ohwetaaho olugagavIdiom. protect yourself; defensive mechanism to protect yourself from danger4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defendder. ofolugaga

olugagaengagan1fort4.; hedge4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defend6.5.2.1Wall8., wallohwetaaho olugagavIdiom. protect yourself; defensive mechanism to protect yourself from danger4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defend

olugiriengirinhedge, fence, enclosure; structure planted or constructed surrounding a place for its defence or to mark its boundariesAmago gage galiho olugiri.His home is surrounded by a hedge., wallohutaaho olugirivIdiom. limit7.3.6.3Limit3.3.4.4Prevent7.2.6.2Prevent from moving
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