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ehisaŋu hyʼebyomaebisaŋu byʼebyomantool bag; bag containing tools used in repairing vehicles6.7Toolder. ofesaŋu

ehitambisiwa mu huhosiira enjuebitambisiwa mu huhosiira enjunhousehold tool; item needed to maintain a houseEbitiiyo, emiiko, ko nʼembago njeebirala ebitambisiwa mu huhosira enju.Spades, trowels and hoes are some of the tools. equipment and maintenance6.7Toolder. ofehitambisiwa

ehyomaebyoman1metal; hard and robust material from which tools are madeAmagaali bagabbota mubyoma bigumu.Bicycles are made from strong metals. with metal2animal trap made of metalNategire embeba nʼehyoma.I trapped the rats with a mouse trap.6.4.2Trap7.2.6.1Catch, capture3machine; several strong pieces of metal joined together to do a particular workEhyom ehisa omutyere hifuuye.The machine milling rice is spoilt.6.7.9Machine6.6.8Working with machinesehyoma ehisengeja amafutanoil refinery6.6.2.6Working with oil and gas1.2.3.2Oilehyoma ehyeyedesewa mumagondomestic metal tool used in the home6.7Tool

ehyoma ehyeyedesewa mumagoebyoma ebyeyedesewa mumagondomestic metal tool used in the home6.7Toolder. ofehyoma

esaŋuesaŋun1pocket; piece of cloth sewn on a garment for keeping things5.3.6Parts of clothing6.7.3Carrying tool2bag, sack, handbag; s.t. in which other things are carried6.7.7.1Bag6.7.3Carrying toolehisaŋu hyʼebyomantool bag; bag containing tools used in repairing vehicles6.7Toolohusala esaŋuvIdiom. steal6.8.9.4Take by force6.8.9.1Steal