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ehisengeebisengenroom; partitioned off part in a house6.5.2Parts of a building6.5.2.7Room8.5.4.3Space, roomehisenge hyʼabageninguest room; bedroom for visitors4.2.1.4Visit6.5.2.7Room

ehisenge hyʼabageniebisenge byʼabageninguest room; bedroom for visitors4.2.1.4Visit6.5.2.7Roomder. ofehisenge

ohuhyalavar.ohuhyaliravvisitOnahakyalire ŋaali?When will you visit me? a visit4.2.1.4Visit8. visited4.2.1.4Visit

ohuhyasavbe visited4.2.1.4Visitder. ofohuhyala

owomuhidaalaabomuhidaalanlodger; s.b. who may not be a relative but lives in another’s home without paying rent4.2.1.4Visit7.2.4.1Travel by land6.5.1Building