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ehiseroebiseron1basket; woven structure from twigs or mid ribs of the Borassus palm that is used for carrying or storing things6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container2hair plaited in the shape of a basket5.4.3.4Hairstyle5.4.3.2Plait hair

ehiswaŋiriebiswaŋirinKiswahili style of plaiting the hair5.4.3.4Hairstyle5.4.3.2Plait hair

ejʼamagongolovar.eryʼamagongoloejʼamagongolonstyle of plaiting the hair that makes it look like millipedes on the head5.4.3.4Hairstyle5.4.3.2Plait hair

ejʼehiseronstyle of plaiting the hair so that it looks like a basket on the head5.4.3.4Hairstyle5.4.3.2Plait hair

eryʼebigalaeryʼebigalanhair plaited in a finger-like style5.4.3.4Hairstyle5.4.3.2Plait hair

kajegerenhair plaited like a chain5.4.3.4Hairstyle5.4.3.2Plait hair

kasumbanstyle of plaiting the hair5.4.3.4Hairstyle5.4.3.2Plait hair