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ehiseseŋireebiseseŋirendilapidated thing; s.t. old and tattered esp. a woven container7.9.2Tear down4., not new7.9.3Destroy7.9Break, wear out

obwononohindefect; incorrectness; spoilageEgaali eriho obwononohi.The bicycle has a spoilt part.4.4.2Trouble8., unsuitable4.

ohubulunguhavcrumble; cause s.t. to break into small pieces7.8.1Breakohubulungulav1destroy, damage, smash, disintegrate s.t. by crumbling it7.9.2Tear down7.8.1Break4., take apart7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out2thresh maize so that seeds are removed from the cobs6.2.6.3Thresh6.2.6Process harvest

ohufiiravlose for good; be lost permanently, esp. a death of s.b., but also said of a possession one never expects to find againFiriiye abaatu bangi mu lima lino.I have lost a lot of people this season.2.6.6Die7.6.3Lose, misplaceohufiiraŋovdie suddenly2.6.6Dieohufiirwav1be bereaved4.1.9.3Widow, widower2.6.6.3Funeral2.6.6Die2lose; miss s.b. or s.t.7.6.3Lose, misplaceohufiisav1lose; have s.b. die2.6.6Die2spoil, of food4.

ohufiisav1lose; have s.b. dieGafihiise omwana.He lost a child.2.6.6Die2spoil, of foodGafihiise omwenge.His beer went bad. ofohufiira

ohugemulavdemolish, destroy esp. a wall of a houseEhiteepe hyʼe Berlin bahigemuuye.The Berlin wall was broken down.7.9.2Tear down7.8.1Break4., take apart7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out

ohusisa2v1cause s.b. to become wasted and unproductive due to a curse6.8.2.3Lose wealth4.9.4.4Curse4. standard6., wipe out; cause s.t. to stop existing4.8.3.1Defeat4.