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ehisinga obutonoebisinga obutononleast thing; smallest in size, amount or importance8.1.5.5Most, least9.3.1.2To a small degree8.1.3.2Few, little8.2.1Small8.1.4.1Lessder. ofehitono

nibatasingaadvless thanŊaliŋo abaatu ni batasinga abiri; baali huupi ehumi nʼamunana.There were people not exceeding twenty; maybe they were eighteen. a small degree8.1.3.2Few, little8.1.4.1Less

ohusalav1cutSala enyama.Cut the meat.Jʼosaaŋe enyaasi hulunya lweefe olusihire.Go and slash the grass on our bushy compound.7.8.3Cut2slaughter6.3.4Butcher, slaughter2.6.6.1Killohusala efiirivcut hair5.4.3.5Cut hairohusala enyanjavdecorate the body by cutting designs on the skin5.4Adornment5.4.6Ritual scarohusala mu mukolovcancel an event8. something6. an eventohusalagav1trim7.8.3Cut2cut into pieces, esp. greens before cooking7.8.3Cut5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation7.8Divide into piecesohusalaho1vdecrease8.1.4.3Decrease9.3.1.4To a smaller degree8.2.1Small8.1.4.1Lessohusalasalavcut into small pieces7.8.3Cut7.8Divide into piecesohusalirav1trim; prune6.2.4Tend a field6.2.4.4Trim plants2Metaphor. be concise; speak little, esp. when giving a speech3.5.3.1Word8.2.2.1Short, not long3. littleohusalirira oluleravtie up and cut the umbilical cord to disconnect the child from the mother7.8.3Cut2.6.3.5Help to give birthohusalisavuse for cutting7.8.3Cut

ohutebyahovreduce the intensity or weight of s.t. e.g., reduce pain8.1.4.3Decrease2.5.6.1Pain9.3.1.4To a smaller degree8.2.1Small8.1.4.1Less