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ehisobyoebisobyonmistakeOhuhola ehisobyo.To make a mistake.

obubbenginerroneousness, incorrectness, wrongness; situation of having made an error4.7.3Break the law4.3.1.1Bad, immoral4.3.6.4Mistake

ohubbengaverr, sin, do wrong, evil; make a mistakeGambengire galima mu muŋoluko gwange.He wronged me by cultivating my share of land.4.7.3Break the law4.3.3.1Hate, ill will4.9.9Irreligion4.3.1.1Bad, immoral3., detest4.3.6.4Mistake4.3.4.1Do evil to

ohudumbuulav1roil, agitate; stir up water so that dirt or particles remain in suspensionEgulo amaaji gʼesobere sigadaŋiha kuba baba bagadumbuuye.It is not possible to draw water from the well in the evening because by then it is stirred up.Gasajire ecupa ngʼomwenge gudumbuuha.He churned up the banana beer in the bottle and the dregs made it murky.1.3.6Water quality1.3.2.1Flow1.3.5Solutions of water7.5.3Mix2mix upAdumbuuye ebihubaaye ni hutehateehire.He has mixed up whatever we had arranged.

ohufafaaganavbe unsuccessful, be a flop, fizzle out, collapse, come to nothing, fail completelyObufumbo wange wafafaageene hale.My marriage collapsed long ago.; bungle; botch7. s.t. to become worn out8., not new7.9Break, wear outohufafaaganirwavspend without result; invest for no return; waste money on6.8.2.3Lose wealth6.8.4.7Spend6.

ohufafaaganiav1fumble; bungle; botchWange ofafaagania hi?What are you fumbling after? s.t. to become worn out8., not new7.9Break, wear outder. ofohufafaagana