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ehisuŋaebisuŋancontainer for the remains of an umbilical cord2.6.3.9Birth ceremony

embeheeroembeheeron1strap, sling; for fixing a child to be carried on the back6.7.3Carrying tool7.3.1Carry5.1.1.3Bed2. for a baby2container made from gourd handles in which umbilical cord stumps are kept2.6.3.9Birth ceremony6.7.7Container

engulihaengulihanceremony of giving a name2.6.3.9Birth ceremony9.7Name4.2.2.1Ceremony

erongo1amalongon1birth of twinsAbasaaye bʼerongo saheja hu lyuba abaana ni bahiiri hwetondola.The parents of the twins don’t have conjugal contacts before the twins’ umbilical cords break off. births2ceremony when twins are born2.6.3.9Birth ceremony4.2.2.1Ceremony3two things or vents happening simultaneously or concurrently8.1.1.4Multiples8. group

nakumunakumunchild ceremony performed when a child is conceived before the mother menstruates after a previous childbirth, a kind of twin ceremony2.6.3.9Birth ceremony4.2.2.1Ceremony