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enjebaayanshirking, avoidance, dodging duty; evading responsibility of doing s.t. and expecting another to do itAhubbira enjebaaya hubahye mu hwosa esaani.He evades washing plates, so that others do it for him. poorly

ohudubuudavwaste; squanderOmwana ono adubuuda hudubuuda ebiryo oti hani alimaho.This child wastes food as if he were the one who cultivates., irresponsible6. care6.1.2.4Work poorlyadubuudanextravagent person6.8.3.2Generous6.8.4.7Spendohutadubuudavbe economical6.8.2.4Frugal

ohutoolanav1be unequal, dissimilar8. unsuitable, inadequate, incorrect, not fitting the requirements, e.g., in barter trade4. standard8.1.7.2Lack8., unsuitable8.1.5.9Average8.3.7.4Mediocre6.1.2.4Work poorly3be incompetent; unable to do s.t., unsuitable6.1.3.3Fail9.4.2.2Can't9.4.4.9Impossible

ohwedidiisavhesitate, delay; not act promptly as requiredOmwana wuwe gafuuye kuba gedidiisa ohuja mu dwaliro.His child died because he delayed to take it to the hospital. your mind3.2.5.3Doubt8.4.8.2Slow6.1.2.4Work poorly7.2.7.3Wait8.

ohweŋoŋooniav1be sluggish, do s.t. at a lazy pace6. progress by attending to trivial things; not do s.t. on time8. poorly8. slowly

ohwesamba obufunanyisiwavMetaphor. shirk, dodge, evade responsibility6. poorlyder. ofobufunanyisiwa

owʼeŋoniabʼeŋoninslow person; s.b. who does things in a sluggish way6. poorly7. slowly