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ehityeroebityeron1footprint; place where s.b. has stepped6.4.1.1Track an animal7.2.1.1Walk2.1.3.2Leg2flat foot2.1.3.2Leg

ehyoleebyolenspoor; track of an animal6.4.1.1Track an animal

ohubeesav1track an animal by its spoor7.2.6Pursue6.4.1.1Track an animal6.4.1Hunt2chase away; send s.b. away from his original community because of misbehaviour4.7.7.5Ostracize7.3.3.4Chase away3chase7.2.6Pursue6.4.1Hunt

ohunyooma2vtiptoe; move silently and stealthily6.4.1.1Track an animal7.2.1.1Walk

olufaalaefaalantrack; fresh animal or human track in the bush6.4.1.1Track an animal7.2.1.1Walk2.1.3.2Leg

olufaaliraefaaliransearch, look everywhere for s.t., esp. in a bush7.6.1Search7.2.6Pursue6.4.1.1Track an animal6.4.1Hunt7.6.2Find

omuhwehwesoemihwehwesontrail; track left where hunters pass dragging a heavy dead animal6.4.1.1Track an animal7.2.4.6Way, route