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ehyaloebyalon1village, neighbourhood, locality; place where there is a settlementOmubbambafu Wicks amenyire mu hyalo hyʼe Mugulu.Mr. Wicks lives in Mugulu village.8.5Location8.5.3Be at a place8.5.4Area4.6.7.2City4.6.7Region4.1.4Neighbor8.5.4.1Vicinity4.6.7.4Community2country; area of land that forms an independent political unit with its own governmentEhyalo hya Uganda hirimo enimi nyingi.The country of Uganda has many languages., world; planet on which human life has developed, esp. all people and their ways of lifeOmwesi gwetoloola ehyalo.The moon goes round the earth.; land that is not in town or in an industrial area, that is either used for farming or left in its natural conditionSamanyire biitu bingi ebyʼehibuga kuba ko gahaŋwanga mu hyalo.He does not know much about town because he has just come from the countryside. hyosihyosinglobe; whole earth or a representation of it7.2.4.8Map8.3.1.6Round1.2Worldohuseebula ehyalovEuph. die2.6.6Dieohwaya ehyalovIdiom. spread all over7.5.1.1Separate, scatter1.3.2.1Flow7.3.7.3Spread, smear7.5.7Multiple things moving

ehyangu2ebyangunloofah, sponge, a climbing plant whose fibrous fruit is used as a sponge for scrubbing the body when bathingsp. Luffa cylindrica fam. Cucurbitaceae5.6.1Clean, dirty7.7.5Rub5.6.3Wash dishes7.3.7.3Spread, smear5.6.6Wipe, erase5.6.2Bathe

erangiamalangin1colour; appearance that s.t. has as a result of reflecting light8. of the spectrum8.3.3.3Color2dye; paint5.4.3.3Dye hair6.6.5.1Draw, paint7.3.7.3Spread, smear8. colorekalaamu eyʼerangincrayon; coloured pencil6.6.5.1Draw, paint

ohufuulav1change s.t. so that it becomes different or alters stateObumeri bufuula omubisi gwaba mwenge.The yeast makes juice turn into beer.Omwenge gufuula omuutu gaba mumeesi.Beer changes s.b. into a drunkard.Ehiitu ehijijuha onahijuhamo amaaji ohifuula hyaba hiyenge.By pouring water into some other liquid you change it into a solution., change state9.1.2.6Change something7.3Move something7.3.2Move something in a direction2dye; add colour to s.t. to change its colourAfuuye esaasa jʼomukeeka gugwe.He has dyed the palm leaves for weaving his mat. hair6.6.5.1Draw, paint7.3.7.3Spread, smear8. color3turn s.t. so that it is upside down or inside outGambaaye esaati efuule.He wore the shirt turned inside out. somethingohwefuula3v1overturn7.3.5Turn something7. a somersault; move or a jump in a rolling way, either forwards or backwards7.3.5Turn something7.

ohugalusagalusavkeep turning s.t., esp. grain foodstuffs, so they dry quickly in the sun7.3.5Turn something6.2.6Process harvest8., smearohwegalangasavroll on the ground; throw yourself down and roll, e.g., like a person with epilepsy7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn8. up7.1Posture7.2Moveohwegalusavturn over; roll over, e.g., when sleeping7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn7.1Posture

ohumaalavplaster, smear with mudMumwesi ogwomunaana niija humaala enju yange epyaha.In August I shall smear my new house with mud.6.5.3Building materials7.3.7.3Spread, smear6.5Working with buildings

ohumiginyavrub the eyes; pass the hand over the eyes while squeezing them7.3.4.5Actions of the hand7.7.5Rub7.3.7.3Spread, smear2.1.1.1Eye7.3.4.1Touch

ohuŋaha1var.ohuŋahahovpaint; smear onEnju gayiŋahireho erangi lya bbululu.He painted the house blue., paint7.3.7.3Spread, smearohweŋahavsmear yourself5.4.5Anoint the body7.3.7.3Spread, smearohweŋaanyahovsprinkle yourself with5.4.5Anoint the body

ohuŋaanyav1broadcast seeds or fertilisers in a fieldGahaŋanyira habiri obule mu muga ni butamera. Jʼoŋaanye amaaji hubule obumeri wahamera bulaŋi.He has twice broadcast millet in his field but it did not germinate. Go and sprinkle water on the millet so that it germinates into good yeast., scatter6.2.1.1Growing grain7.4.4Distribute6.2.3Plant a field7.5.7Multiple things moving2sprinkle, splash a liquid on s.t.Ehidiriisi ehibaaye hibita hyapanyaho amaaji.The car was passing and then splashed water on me.Omutuusa gaŋaanyire amaaji hu bosibosi abaali mu ngolo.The spirit medium sprinkled water on all those who were in the shrine.1.3.2Movement of water1.3.2.2Pour7.3.7.3Spread, smear1.3.2.3Drip4.9.5.6Religious purification1.1.3.3Rain1.3.3Wet

ohusabuusavwipe; clean by removing wet dirt or dust, esp. when using a piece of clothSabuusa amaaji agajijuhire hu meeza.Wipe the water that has spilled on the table.Sabuusa hu saani.Wipe the plates.Sabuusa hu lubaawo.Wipe the blackboard.Osabuusa ŋa hituli kowataŋo obulesi nʼonaba omupiira gwʼegaali.You first rub around the puncture before applying the rubber solution when mending a punctured a bicycle tube.5.6.1Clean, dirty7.7.5Rub7.3.7.3Spread, smear5.6.6Wipe, eraseohusabuusa amasigavwipe tears to comfort s.b.7.7.5Rub3.5.6.5Cry, tear5.6.6Wipe, erase

ohusandagavmake an incision in the skin to rub in herbal medicine in order to treat illness2.5.7Treat disease7.8.3Cut2.5.7.5Traditional medicineohwesandagavrub herbal medicine in self inflicted cuts on the body to immunise it against diseases and poison from snake bites2.5.7Treat disease7.3.4.5Actions of the hand7.7.5Rub2.3.5Sense of touch7.3.7.3Spread, smear7.3.4.1Touch

ohusimuulav1wipe, mop, swab, rub off; remove moisture or dust from a surface by wipingSimuula omwana gahabalagala.Wipe the baby to dry him.Wesimuuleeho oluuya mu moni.Mop the sweat from your face.Wesimuuleeho amasiga.Wipe your tears.5.6.1Clean, dirty7.7.5Rub5.8Manage a house7.3.7.3Spread, smear5.6.6Wipe, erase5.6.5Sweep, rake2Metaphor. remove sorcery5. shell, skin6.2.6Process harvest4.9.4.1Sorcery

ohusiita1v1feel with the fingers7.3.4.5Actions of the hand2.3.5Sense of touch7.3.4.1Touch2rub; press on with the fingersAbaŋeho obulesi mu musiiteho.Let him give you medicine; you are to press it onto her.5.4.5Anoint the body7.3.4.5Actions of the hand7.7.5Rub2.3.5Sense of touch2.5.7.5Traditional medicine7.3.7.3Spread, smear7.3.4.1Touch

ohwaya ehyalovIdiom. spread all overErungu lya Manafa lyayire ehyalo ehibisya mu kiromiita ehumi.Manafa swamp is so extensive that it covers over 10 km., scatter1.3.2.1Flow7.3.7.3Spread, smear7.5.7Multiple things movingder. ofehyalo

ohwedubuda1var.ohwebbuudaohweduwudav1smear yourself with s.t.Gebbudire pawuda mu moni mwosimwosi.She has smeared her face with powder.5.4.5Anoint the body7.3.7.3Spread, smear2wallow, of an animal in mud or water1.6.4.1Animal movement7.3.5Turn something1.6.4Animal actions

ohwesandagavrub herbal medicine in self inflicted cuts on the body to immunise it against diseases and poison from snake bites2.5.7Treat disease7.3.4.5Actions of the hand7.7.5Rub2.3.5Sense of touch7.3.7.3Spread, smear7.3.4.1Touchder. ofohusandaga

ohwiriiryav1smear, paste; re-mud using loose soil to level the floor of a house7.3.7.3Spread, smear2smear the body with Vaseline or some other perfume5.4.5Anoint the body7.3.7.3Spread, smearohwiriisyavleave a smudge; make a mark with s.t. greasy7.7.7Mark5.6.1Clean, dirty8. color8.
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