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ohudundihavbe liftable; able to be lifted7.3.2.4Lift7.2.2.4Move upder. ofohudunda

ohuhalambanavclimb with difficulty7.2.2.4Move up

ohuninirirav1tread, stamp or trample onBaniniriye endokwa jʼenyanya jooma.They trod on the young tomato plants and they died., either up or down7.2.2.5Move down7.2.2.4Move up

ohuniinavar.ohuniinaniinavclimb, go upJohn aniina humusala.John is climbing a tree. upohuniina mu lyatovembark; climb into a boat7.2.4.2Travel by waterohuniinuhavclimb down7.2.2.5Move down

ohuŋanihavhang up7.ŋaniha hu habaabovexecute s.b. by hanging from the neck on a gallows until dead4.7.7.4Executeohweŋanihavraise yourself7.3.2.4Lift7.2.2.4Move up

ohutuuma1vjump; spring up from the ground very suddenly without assistanceOhutuuma obulesi.To jump or step over buried sorcery medicine. movement7. a larger degree7.2.2.4Move up7.2Moveohutuumagisavjump several times7. out of7.2.2.5Move down7. continuously7. onto7. upohutuumira mu bbangavtravel in space7.2.4.4Travel in space7.2.4Travel

ohwemeererav1stand up; be upright on the feetYemeerera omwami abita.Stand up, the chief is passing.7.1.1Stand7.2.2.4Move up2ohuhomyaGemereeye ohusaala abaana.She has stopped producing children. something6., finish8. alone; stage in baby development when the baby starts to stand on his ownAbaana abasinga obungi bemeerera ni baŋesa emyesi etaanu.Most babies start standing at the age of five months. posture7.1.1Stand4how things stand; how matters areEbiitu byemeereye biitye ŋahani?How are things now? with and cause s.b. to stop8.4.7.1Interrupt8. something3.3.4.4Prevent7.2.7.1Stop moving

ohweŋalabavclimb a tall structureGeŋalabire hu hasolya hʼenju ya kalina.He has climbed to the roof of a storied building. up