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ehyonjinrepetition; repeated and regular working at a piece of job with keenness and likingEhyonji njʼobulimi.Repetition is [the essence of] farming.

ohudebereravrepeat doing s.t.Ohusunga efunda nyingi oba ohuduhana nʼosingirira.Repeat begging for many times or keep nagging for a long time. again8.

ohugobolererav1return the same day8. repeatedlyOhugobolerera mu huduhana huŋwamo ohusoola.Repeated quarrelling results into a fight. again8. ofohugobola

ohwiruulav1revise; go over again3. something8. seed after it has failed to germinate6.2.3Plant a field

ohwitusavreactivate; restart of s.t. that had been quiet, healed, or even forgotenEbwa eribaaye ni liŋonire omugudulo gulituhiise.The ulcer which had healed has been reactivated by activity3. again8. something