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ehyonjinrepetition; repeated and regular working at a piece of job with keenness and likingEhyonji njʼobulimi.Repetition is [the essence of] farming.

ohudebereravrepeat doing s.t.Ohusunga efunda nyingi oba ohuduhana nʼosingirira.Repeat begging for many times or keep nagging for a long time. again8.

ohududulavblare; make unpleasant loud noiseEtuleeni yanduduliye mu matwi ni yimbitaho.The train made irritating noise when passing by me. of soundsohududulyavhear s.t. again8.

ohududulyavhear s.t. againHwaberereye huŋulira ohududulya hwʼohuhumba hwʼabasirikale.We continued hearing the reverberation of the soldiers’ marching. ofohududula

ohugobolererav1return the same day8. repeatedlyOhugobolerera mu huduhana huŋwamo ohusoola.Repeated quarrelling results into a fight. again8. ofohugobola

ohwiruulav1revise; go over again3. something8. seed after it has failed to germinate6.2.3Plant a field

ohwitusavreactivate; restart of s.t. that had been quiet, healed, or even forgotenEbwa eribaaye ni liŋonire omugudulo gulituhiise.The ulcer which had healed has been reactivated by activity3. again8. something

wenyaadvnewly; anewGaboŋire bubi egaali ngʼaŋo ayisitula ayiboŋa wenya.He fixed the bicycle badly, so he undid it and fixed it anew.