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ekangoekangonobstacle; s.t. that blocks you so that movement, going forward or actions are prevented or made more difficult4., dam up7.2.6.2Prevent from moving

ohuhoma2v1limitObuvunanyiziwa wange buhoma hu hulaga ngira so sihuhuŋirayo.My responsibility is limited to showing you the way, but not to take you there. aŋoAmafugi gahomire.Bleeding has stopped. something6., finish8.; cause to stop8. something4. moving7.2.6.2Prevent from moving

ohuhomba hwʼerimavIdiom. oppose, resist; resolutely refuse to do s.t.Omusaani wuwe ahombire hwʼerima ohuja mu musomero eri bataŋenyuhamo, geenda lyahuŋenyuhamo.His son has totally refused to go to a day school, he wants to go to a boarding one. to do something3. against something bad4. against authority

ohutabujulavconfuse; cause disharmony, disunityOlugambo lwaletireŋo ohutabuha ŋagati wuwe ni semwana.Rumours brought about confusion between him and his father., confused4.1.6Disunityder. ofohutabuha

ohwigalavar.ohwigalaŋovclose; shut7.3.6.2Block, dam up7.3.6.1Shut, closeohwigalirav1be blocked8. something4., dam up2become wasted, unproductive due to a curse6.8.2.3Lose wealth4.9.4.4Curse4. standard6.; move the shutter of a door or window, or a lid of s.t. and let the inside be seen7.3.6Open2start using a constructed structure or start an activity8.4.6.1Start something8.

omulemesiabalemesinsaboteur; s.b. who bars an action or an idea to be followed4. against authority7.9.1Damage