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ekejanexpression in the face made by changing its features3.5.6.3Facial expressionohulagisa ekejavmake a facial expression; contort facial features to show an emotional or mental state3.5.6.3Facial expression

esaamo2esaamonfacial wrinkles3.5.6.3Facial expression2.1.4Skinohusala esaamovMetaphor. wrinkle the skin on the face3.5.6.3Facial expression

mu moniadv1in the face or in the eye2.1.1.1Eye8.6.1Front2.1.1Head2ahead, in front; at the most forward part of s.t.Gehaaye mu moni jʼomwami.She sat in front of the chief. front of8.6.1Front3in the future; in time to comeMu moni eyo abaatu sibaliŋenyuhanga hu magombe.In future people will not be keeping vigil at the grave. mu monivIdiom. be tough3.5.6.3Facial expression4.4.3.1Brave4.3.3.2Not care2.4.1Strong

ohubbalyavblink; action of shutting and opening the eyeGabbalyabbalyise emoni naweene hu muhaana omulaŋi.He kept blinking his eyes when he saw a pretty girl. expression2.1.1.1Eye

ohufundulavar.ohufundula emoniv1stare; look in one place for sometime without blinkingAfunduliye emoni hu hifananyi hya Papa.He is staring at the Pope’s photograph. wide-eyedMu hirema omuutu agenda nafunduye emoni.When walking in the dark a person opens his eyes wide. indicating angerGafunduliye omwibi agali namwibireho ahasaŋu.She scowled at the thief who had stolen her handbag.Gafunduliye omwana emoni agaali ni gebire epiiya jije nʼobusungu obugali.In anger he opened the eyes very wide for the child who stole his money. expression3.

ohugerenjusania omunwavtwitch the mouthGaberereeye arengesana omunwa olwʼesuulu ohumusiiŋa olwa seseeba.He kept twitching the mouth due to the itching nose when he had a cold. quickly3.5.6.3Facial expression7.1.9Move a part of the body2.1.1.4Mouthder. ofohugerenjusana

ohuhondyolavlook askance at s.b.; view with suspicion or disapprovalWanjala ahandyola buli amusinga obugaaga.Wanjala looks askance at anyone richer than he is. expression3.4.2Feel bad3.4.2.1Sad4.7.5.2Suspect3. of something3.5.1.8Criticize

ohulagisa ekejavmake a facial expression; contort facial features to show an emotional or mental state3.5.6.3Facial expressionder. ofekeja

ohuminyaalavfrown; facial expression of pain, displeasure, puzzlement, or deep thoughtOmuhasi aminyaala nʼali mu hulumwa hwʼohusaala.A woman frowns when she is in labour pains. expression

ohumodyavar.ohumogaohumogeresav1blink; open and shut the eyes quicklyAhiimoga; saali mu huŋenyuha.He is blinking; he is not asleep.Ahiimoga; ahiriŋo.He still blinks; he is alive . expression2.1.1.1Eye2look with blinking eyes at s.b. expression3.

ohumwenyavar.ohumwemwejeraohumwenyamwenyavsmile; make a facial expression that may show amusement, satisfaction, affection, irony or derision by shrinking of lips and cheeksGamwemwejereeye mbojo ni ganjula omukekede gugwe.He smiled for his sister when she introduced her boy friend. expression

ohunyikaalavwear a sad face because of having received sad newsOhufa hwa meeriwe humuleteeye ohunyikaala.The death of his friend has put him into disillusion. expression3.4.2.1Sadohunyikaasavmake s.b. sad, sullen3.4.2.3Angry3.4.2.1Sad

ohusala esaamovMetaphor. wrinkle the skin on the faceGasalire esaamo nalengeesa mu hita ko abonemo bulaŋi.He wrinkled the face when peeping into the gourd so as to see better. expressionder. ofesaamo2

ohusiniolavmake a bilabial clicking sound by folding the lower lip and passing air between it and the teeth to show contempt and dislike4.5.5.2Lack respect2.1.1.4Mouth2.3.2.3Types of soundsohwesiniolav1sniff as a sign of disgust3.5.6.3Facial expression3., breath2make a tongue click as a sign of disgust4.8.4.1Rebuke4.5.5.2Lack respect2.3.2.3Types of sounds

ohususuŋala2vwear an angry faceMususuŋali kuba bamugeene ohuja ohubona omugudulo.He is looking angry because he was denied permission to go and see a play. expression3.

ohutemyavwink; close one eye as a sign of s.t. expression3.5.6.1Gesture2.1.1.1Eye

ohwasamav1open wide, e.g., open the mouth widely so that all the teeth can be seenYaasama mbone egigo erihuluma.Open your mouth wide so that I see the molar aching you.Gaseeme naabona etemu nʼemira ehere.He gaped at a snake when it was swallowing a frog.Otaasamirira esoŋera jija huhugwa mu munwa.Don’t gape so much or flies will settle in your mouth. of eating3.5.6.3Facial expression7.3.6Open2.1.1.4Mouth2gossipOtanjasamiriraho.Don’t gossip about me. a constantly open mouthohwasamyavcause to open7.3.6Open

ohwayuuyavyawn; involuntary breathe in deeply with a widely opened mouth as a sign of hunger tiredness or boredomAbaana bayuuyire ni bali njala.The children yawned when they were hungry. expression2.4.4Tired
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