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ekondeekondenmarksmanship; having the ability to hit a targetAŋuma konde sasobola huhubba nyuni eguluha.One who is not a marksman cannot hit a flying bird.7.7.2Aim at a target

endeega1nmarksmanship; being capable of hitting the target7.7.2Aim at a target

masubamasubanmiss; failure to hit the target7.7.2Aim at a target6.1.3.3Fail7.7.1Hit

ohulungihavstart aiming at s.t. with a weaponAbalabe balungihire emizinga hu lusosi bajirengeresa olubiri lwa habaha.The enemy fixed their canons on a hill facing the king’s palace.7.7.2Aim at a target4.8.3.7Weapon, shoot6.4.1Hunt

ohuteebav1guess correctly s.t. previously unknownTeeba ehindi ni nahyo mungalo.Guess what I have in my hand. so3.2.7.3Predict8. the target7.7.2Aim at a target7.7.1Hitohuteeberesavguess, approximate, estimate; say s.t. you are not sure about9. so3.2.7.3Predict9.4.4.8Don't think so, doubt it8.

omuteebiabateebinaccurate shooter; s.b. who often hits a target7.7.2Aim at a target

owʼendeegaabʼendeegangood marksman; sharpshooter7.7.2Aim at a target