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engira2amagiranpath, avenue, way, road; space used to travel on from one place to another6.5.4.1Road7.2.4.6Way, routeengira yʼebulebenpath whose name and direction are not mentioned e.g., ‘so and so street’, routeohwehubba engiravIdiom. depart7.2.3.3Leave

ohuboŋav1tie in a bundleBoŋaho ebibyo otiine eri lataabo.Tie up all your property and go to your father.7.5.2Join, attach6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.4Tie2pack up; be ready to depart7.2.3.3Leave7.5.9.1Load, pile6.1.2.6Prepare3detain; imprison4., find guilty4.7.7.3Imprison4.7.3Break the law4.8.3.5Prisoner of warohuboŋolohav1release, untie; set free whatever was held4.4.4.4Save from trouble7.2.6.4Set free4.4.4.6Free from bondage7.5.4Tie2loosen whatever was tight8.2.7.2Loose

ohufulumuhav1rush away; run offAfulumuhire gaaleha ebiryo.He has run off and left food. quickly7.2.3.3Leave8.4.8.1Quick7.2.3.1Move away7. abruptly in protest7.2.1.2Move quickly7.2.3.3Leave3. away4.3.3.3Abandon7.2.1.1Walk7. out; chase an animal from its hiding place when hunting6.4.1Hunt

ohugosya abaatuvkidnap; take away and hold s.b. by forceAbaatu abagosyaŋo abaana batera ohusunga epiiya enyene enyingi ko babalehula.People who kidnap children demand for a lot of money before they release them.ŋo abaatunkidnapper; abductor4.3.4.8Kidnapengosyaŋo yʼabaatunkidnapping, abduction of people4.3.4.8Kidnapohwegosyagosyavabsent yourself7.2.3.3Leave8.5.3.1Absentohwegosyaŋovdisappear; hide yourself; sneak away from7.6Hide4.4.3.3Avoid7.2.6.3Escape7.2.1.1Walk2.

ohumolavmove in a stealthy manner7.2.1.1Walkohumololohavsneak out; walk away stealthily7.2.3.3Leave7.2.6.3Escape7.2.1.1Walk

ohumololohavsneak out; walk away stealthily7.2.3.3Leave7.2.6.3Escape7.2.1.1Walkder. ofohumola

ohunobavrun away, desert, leave; when a woman divorces a husband, or abandons her parentsOmuhasi ganobire huwamwe.The woman left her husband.Omuhaana oyo ganobire abasaaye babe.That girl has deserted her parents [i.e. she never visits them]. a relationship7.2.3.3Leave7.2.4.5Move to a new house4.3.3.3Abandon2.6.1.4Divorceeyi banobandivorced person; the one left behind after divorce4.1.7.1End a relationship2.6.1.4Divorceohunobaganavdivorce each other4.1.7.1End a relationship2.6.1.4Divorce

ohunyolavwalk slowly and ruefully from a place after being annoyed7.2.3.3Leave7.2.1.1Walk3.

ohupaalavdesert a husband; when a woman runs off with another manOmuhasi gapaaye nʼomusinde owundi.The woman ran off with another man. a relationship7.2.3.3Leave7.2.4.5Move to a new house4.3.3.3Abandon2.6.1.4Divorce

ohuseguhululavleave from or return to a place, of a person7.2.3.3Leave7.2.3.2Go7.2.3.1Move away7.2.3.6Return

ohusimbulavstart moving; move offEbaasi eyija e Kampala yisimbula esaawa ebiri mu mugamba.The bus going to Kampala starts at eight in the morning. something7.2.2.1Move forwardder. ofohusimbuha
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