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emenieŋiemenieŋinstar; one of the distant orbs in the sky that give a twinkling light at nightEmenieŋi jitera ohuboneha bulaŋi ohwenjirema.The stars are brightest when it is very dark.ŋi eja namigandanconstellations9.7.2.5Names of heavenly bodies1.1.1.2Star

emenieŋi eja namigandaomenieŋi eya namigandanconstellationsEmenieŋi eja namiganda josi jibaluha hyʼomwesi.The constellations have a pattern of apparently becoming new like the moon. of heavenly bodies1.1.1.2Starder. ofemenieŋi

suulwenmorning star that shines at dawnEsaawa enatula nga suulwe alehera ohuboneha.When the sun rises, the morning star is not seen. of heavenly bodies1.1.1.3Planet1.1.1.2Star