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emyahanage of s.b. ofomwaha

ohuhulavmature, become an adult; grow to maturity (of a plant), take root (of a tuber), increase in size by natural processEbisaala byeyongeeye ohuhula olwʼefula eriho.The trees have grown bigger because of the current rains. a larger degree8.2Big8., not young1.5.6Growth of plants7.3.4.7Extend8.1.4.2Increase2.6.4.6Grow, get biggerohuhulahulaniavdevelop, progress, modernise; change to a more advanced state8. older than; be more advanced in age8.4.6.5Age8., not young

ohuhuliravbe older than; be more advanced in age8.4.6.5Age8., not youngder. ofohuhula

oluse1abʼolusenage mate, peer; people of the same age bracketMadangu ni Veronica bʼoluse; babasaaye mu gwʼane namulala.Madangu and Veronica are age mates; they were born in the year nineteen hundred and forty one.2.6.4Stage of life8.4.6.5Age2.6.4.8Peer group

omubooloemiboolonpeer group, age set; people of the same age group2.6.4Stage of life8.4.6.5Age2.6.4.8Peer group

omulembeemiremben1generation; period of time it takes for human beings to become adults and have their own children2.6.4Stage of life8.4.6.5Age2.6.4.8Peer group2eraAbaatu bʼommulembe guno balaŋi.The people of this era are good.8.4.1Period of time8.4.1.7Era3.5.4.5Historyehyaŋooye hu mulembens.t. unfashionable, old fashioned8. fashionedemirembe nʼemirembeneternity; period lasting forever and ever8.4.2.3Forever

owʼomubooloabʼomuboolonage mate; s.b. of the same age group as you2.6.4Stage of life8.4.6.5Age2.6.4.8Peer group