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engeri eyʼohuhulahulanaengeri ejʼohuhulahulanancourse of travel; way of progressEngeri enyangu ohwola e Bulaaya ya hutambisa endegeThe best way to travel to Europe is by aeroplane., route9. (of movement), manner6.1.2Methodengeri yʼohwolanroute followed in order to arrive6.5.4.1Road8.5.2Direction7.2.4.6Way, routeohutaaŋo engerivdetermine, obtain, discover, find or get means or a way to do s.t., attempt

ohufa1vtry; struggle to achieveGafubire nyo ohufuna eviza atiine mu Amerika era gayifuna.He tried very hard to get a visa to go to America and got it.Banahefeeho baŋangula olutalo.They will fight hard and win the war., attempt6. hard4. with

ohufubav1try; struggle to achieveAmagi agafubire.Eggs that did not hatch., attempt6. hard2fail to ripen, grow, hatch, of an egg, or complete some task; be partially doneOmuga ogufubire.The field that was not completely ploughed.Amalaafu agafubire.Bananas that have failed to ripen.Ehisaala ehyafubire.The tree that was stunted. standard6.1.3.3Fail9.3.3Partlyohufubyavleave a task unfinished or incomplete; neglect s.t. half-way, e.g., partially-cooked food, half-cultivated fields4. standard6., finish6.1.3.3Fail9.3.3Partly

ohugegeenyavattempt; tryNagegeenyireho ohumuloma gajeema.I tried to speak to him but he refused., attempt

ohugeragavar.ohugeragahovattempt, try; see whether one can do s.t., attempt

ohugesyahovbe brave and try to do a difficult job6.1.2.1Try, attempt

ohuhola nʼemyoyo ebirivIdiom. gamble; take or venture into a risk4.4.4.8Risk6.1.2.1Try, attempt4.2.6.4Gamblingder. ofomwoyo1

ohumojamojeravtry to approach or get to s.b. or s.t. attractiveNdi muhumojamojera omuhaana wa Hyuha ohumusunga ohumufumbirwa.I am trying to approach Miss Hyuha to ask her for marriage.Abasubuzi bali mu humojamojera emicungwa jange ohuja ohujitundira e Kenya.The businessmen are trying to get my oranges to go and sell them in. Kenya., attempt3.3.2Request4.1.7Begin a relationship4.1.8Show affection3.3Want

ohutaaŋo engerivdetermine, obtain, discover, find or get means or a way to do s.t., attemptder. ofengeri eyʼohuhulahulana

ohwefubahovtry your bestNefubireeho fune omulimo naye kayire.I tried to get a job but I failed., attempt

ohwendulirisa engiravdetermine, obtain, discover, find or get means or a way to do s.t.Huli hugesyaho ohwendulirisa engira eyʼohufunamo ebbesa ejʼohugula ebaasi.We are trying to find ways of getting money to buy a bus., attemptder. ofohwendula

ohweŋiniaŋiniavtry, attempt the impossible6.1.2.1Try, attempt