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eposyaeposyanstatement of either accuser or defendant in a court4.6.6.1Police4.7Law3.5.1Say3.5.1.3True4.7.5.5Witness, testify

ohubuulav1gossip, tattle on; engage in idle talk, telling other people’s secrets3. talk2read loudly3.5.7.3Read3solve a riddle3.5.4.3Riddle3.5.4.6Verbal tradition4.2.8Humor4reveal actions ofAbuuye mugandaawe agebire omutyere.He has revealed his brother who stole the rice., unknown3., preach; deliver a sermon3.5.2Make speech3.6.1Show, explain3.6Teach3.5.1Sayohubuulirirav1sensitise, inform; make s.b. aware of s.t., unknown3.5.3.2Information3.5.9Mass communication3.5.2.2News, message2give advice, counsel; convince two people to cooperate3.3.3.7Warn3.3.3.2Advise3.3.3.1Suggest4.8.4.2Make an appeal3.3.3.3Persuade4.7.4.1Legal personnelohwebuulavown up, acknowledge; tell people that you are personally responsible for s.t.

ohubbabbalihanavspeak or emit sound rapidlyOmudulumi gabbabbaliheene nʼohuloma abamaŋulire ni bamubusa hu byʼohuduluma huhwe.The athlete emitted rapid short words while panting during the press interview after his race. poorly3.5.1Say

ohubbalangataniavspeak in a sly way, showing clever underhandedness3.5.1Say3. a lot3. style

ohubbubbuha2vspeak quickly and angrily3.4.2.3Angry3.5.1Say

ohubbumbiryav1be ambiguous, evade the pointMuhairemo ehitufu kuba alomirenge nabbumbirya hubbumbirya.I couldn’t get the truth from her because she was just equivocating. your thoughts3.2.4.3Mysterious3.5.8.1Meaning4.3.5.5Deceive2garble words; speak unclearly3.5.8.3Unintelligible3. poorly3.5.1Say

ohudomboolavenunciate heavily; speak slowly and clearly with strong stress on syllablesSamanyire huloma bulaŋi adomboola hudomboola.He doesn’t know how to speak well; he speaks too slowly and carefully. poorly3.5.1Say3. style

ohuhayuhavspeak or shout angrily in a high pitched tone of voice4.8.4.1Rebuke3. harshly3. styleder. ofohuhayaana

ohulanga1vcall, invite; cause s.b. to come3. ebiribaŋovforetell, predict, prophesy; tell the events of the future4.9.4.6Prophecy4.9.4.7Omen, divination3.2.7.3Predictohulangana1v1call out to each other3. related to s.b. by birth4.1.9.8Family, clan4.1.9Kinshipohulangiriravdeclare, announce loudly s.t. to be known publically3. communication3.5.2.2News, messageohwerangiriravshout, cry out, or make self proclaimation of s.t.

ohulangiriravdeclare, announce loudly s.t. to be known publically3. communication3.5.2.2News, messageder. ofohulanga1
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