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enyanjulanintroduction; preface to the giving of a report3.

komentulekomentuleEnglishncommentary; remarks said or written on an event, book or person that explain the subject or expresses an opinion on it3.6.1Show, explain3.5.2.1Report3., message

ohwanjulav1show s.t. or s.b. for the first timeMbanjulira ti ono njʼomusomesa weefe omunyaha.This is to introduce our new teacher to you. for the first time2report; tell s.b. or some people what has happenedHuno nʼohwanjula ebyaliŋo mu hwediima hwʼabaana.This is a report about the students’ riot.3.5.1Say3.5.2.1Report3.5.2.2News, messageohweyanjulavintroduce yourself to the parents of a girl as a prospective suitor of their daughter3. for the first time