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eraaliraalinprocrastination; habit of delaying things, either in action or in thought8. your mind8.4.8.2Slow8.

ohubavar.ohubaaŋov1be, exist; be aliveNyina wa Negaga aliŋo; ahiiri mulamu.Negaga’s mother is still alive; she is not dead yet. things9.1.1Be2happenHiina ehibaayeŋo nahabuhiiye semwana?What happened when he shouted at his father?ŋonusual happening, event; s.t. that is common in occurrence8.3.5.3Common8.ŋo aŋa nʼaŋaadvIdiom. regularly, frequently8. aŋʼohubaaŋoninanimate, lifeless thing; s.t. that is not living1.4.1Dead things9.1.3.1Physical, non-physicalehiribaŋonfuture event8.4.6.4Future8. hubaŋonstrange thing8. ohubaaŋonnecessary thing; s.t. that is needed9.4.2.3Necessary ohuba aŋo otivbe undecided9.4.4.6Unsure8.

ohugalangatanav1fumble; be clumsy7.; pause before acting esp. because of doubtOlwohuba gaali siganjesiga gagalangateene ni gaali ni gaapa ebbesa eji bamulomire ohupa.Because he didn’t trust me he hesitated when giving the money he had been told to give me.

ohulwavar.ohulwaŋovdelay; be lateHolahola mangu otalwa huuja.Work quickly, don’t be late to come. prompt; not to delay7.2.1.2Move quickly8.4.8.1Quick8. time8.4.8Speed

ohwedidiisavhesitate, delay; not act promptly as requiredOmwana wuwe gafuuye kuba gedidiisa ohuja mu dwaliro.His child died because he delayed to take it to the hospital. your mind3.2.5.3Doubt8.4.8.2Slow6.1.2.4Work poorly7.2.7.3Wait8.

ohweŋoŋooniav1be sluggish, do s.t. at a lazy pace6. progress by attending to trivial things; not do s.t. on time8. poorly8. slowly

omumativuabamativuncertain, confident person; s.b. who is assured and has no doubt about s.t.Ndi mumativu ti embwa yinasama yiba yiŋunyiiye ehiitu.I am certain that a dog barks because it has smelt s.t., definitely9.4.4.2Sure3.2.5.1Believe3.4.1.5Confidentohutaba mumativuvbe unsure, undecided, hesitant3.2.5.2Disbelief9.4.4.6Unsure8.'t think so, doubt it7.2.7.3Wait