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epagwaepagwandifficulty; adversity; problem; accidentGaguuye hupagwa eyʼemotoka yiye ohutomera omuutu.He got the difficulty when he crashed into a person.4.4.2Trouble6.1.3Difficult, impossible4.4.2.1Problem2.5.3Injure4.4.2.3Accidentohutusa mu pagwavsave from danger4.4.4.4Save from trouble4.4.4.7Relief4.4.4Respond to someone in trouble4.3.4.2Help

ohuŋuumulavar.ohuŋuumulahov1rest; stop working for a short periodHuja huŋuumula mu mwesi guno.We are going to rest this month. a nap; sleep esp. after work7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep3Euph. die; stop living2.6.6Die4take a break, holiday; not be at work3. daysohuja mu huŋuumulavgo on a holiday or vacation3. daysohuŋuumusavrelieve of duty or responsibility4.4.4.7Relief6.9.2Work for someone8.

ohusundyav1shake, jiggle, move. s.t. up and downAbanasaale basundya amagulu.The bell-dancers are shaking their legs. something7.2.2.8Move back and forth7.1.9Move a part of the body2toss a baby in the air rhythmically in order to soothe it4.4.4.7Relief7.4.5.2Throw away5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation7.3.1.1Throw3. for a baby4.2.3.3Sing

ohwisuuhav1be welcomed back from s.t.Yisuuha omwaha. Hwagwisuuhire.Happy New Year [Welcome from the year] We have come from it.Mwisuuhe oluguudo!Welcome back from the journey!, receive2survive4.4.3.7Survive3relieved from esp. pain, sickness etc., receive
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