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epepoepeponpump; machine that is used to cause liquid, air or gas to move from one place to another6.6.7.2Conveying water1.1.2.1Blow air6.6.7.1Plumber6.7.9Machine

ohubuluulavuncover ripening bananas to ventilate them1.1.2.1Blow air7.3.7.1Uncover

ohudumuuhavbe blown by the windOmuhuuji gudumuuhire nʼepuuji.The millet chaff has been blown by the wind. air1.1.3.1Windohudumuusavwinnow; blow off chaff from grain6.2.6Process harvest6.2.6.1Winnow grain

ohufugutavblow a fire esp. using bellows1.1.2.1Blow air5.5.2Tend a fire

ohufuuŋavar.ohufuuŋeresavblow; cause air to moveFuuŋa mu muliro gwahaduha.Blow into the fire so that it burns. air1.1.3.1Wind2.2.1Breathe, breathohufuuŋiriravblow continuously1.1.2.1Blow air1.1.3.1Wind5.5.2Tend a fire2.2.1Breathe, breath

ohufuuŋiriravblow continuouslyFuuŋeresa omuliro gwahaŋamba.Keep blowing at the fire so that it lights up. air1.1.3.1Wind5.5.2Tend a fire2.2.1Breathe, breathder. ofohufuuŋa

ohumisyavblow the nose removing some other person’s mucusOsobola ohumisya esuulu eyiyo oba omisya esuulu eyʼomuutu owundi.You can blow your own nose or some other person’s nose. air2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Nose2.2.2Cough, sneeze2.2.1Breathe, breath2.5.6Symptom of diseaseohwemisyavblow your nose1.1.2.1Blow air2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Nose2.2.2Cough, sneeze2.2.1Breathe, breath2.5.6Symptom of disease

ohuŋeesa omulirovstoke or light a fire by blowing on embersNŋʼeesa omuliro mumabbooni.Light a fire under the potatoes.5.5.1Light a fire1.1.2.1Blow air5.5.2Tend a fire2.2.1Breathe, breathder. ofohuŋeesa

ohuŋuujavfan; agitate s.t. so that the air movesŋuuja omwana alehere aŋo ohutuyaana.Fan the child so that he stops perspiring. air1.1.3.1Wind5.5.2Tend a fire2.2.1Breathe, breathohuŋuujiriravfan continuously1.1.2.1Blow air1.1.3.1Wind5.5.2Tend a fire2.2.1Breathe, breath

ohuŋuujiriravfan continuouslyŊujirira eryanda litasima.Keep fanning the charcoal so that it does not get extinguished. air1.1.3.1Wind5.5.2Tend a fire2.2.1Breathe, breathder. ofohuŋuuja

ohwemisyavblow your noseOteguŋa; yemisye ebobe eryo.Don’t sniff; blow out that mucus. air2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Nose2.2.2Cough, sneeze2.2.1Breathe, breath2.5.6Symptom of diseaseder. ofohumisya

ohwiduuhavbe blowing of dust or smoke caused by the windEkungu yiduuha.Dust is blowing. air1.1.3.1Wind