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eriinoameenon1tooth; one of the bones that bite and chew food in the mouthAmeeno gaŋira ehiseera hireeŋi ko gabola omuutu anafa.Teeth take a very long time to rot after death.; disease affecting the teeth2.5.2.4Tooth decay2.1.1.5Toothohweta mu meeno ganasaŋavIdiom. endanger yourself4.4.4.8Risk

ohuhola nʼemyoyo ebirivIdiom. gamble; take or venture into a risk4.4.4.8Risk6.1.2.1Try, attempt4.2.6.4Gamblingder. ofomwoyo1

ohulyoŋavrisk s.t.; expose s.t. or s.b. to danger4.4.4.8Risk4.4.2.2Dangerohweryoŋavput yourself at risk4.4.4.8Risk

ohweryoŋavput yourself at risk4.4.4.8Riskder. ofohulyoŋa

ohweta mu meeno ganasaŋavIdiom. endanger yourself4.4.4.8Riskder. oferiino