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eroeronsleepiness; drowsinessNenda ohuŋenyuha ero lindi mu moni lingi.I want to sleep as I am feeling drowsy.7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep2.4.4Tired5.7Sleep

obudembinexhaustion, fatigue; state of being tired2.4.4Tired

obugayaafunslothfulness, sluggishness, unenthusiasm; showing a tendency to avoid exertion6., irresponsible3., not working2.4.4Tired

obulojohintiredness; state of being fatigued2.4.4Tired

obuseseŋinboredom; jadedness; weariness3., bored2.4.4Tired

ohudembavbe tired, exhausted without energyAtatwihula sademba.One who doesn’t lower a head load, doesn’t get tired (proverb), i.e., too many pauses to rest make the job longer and more tiring.2.4.4Tiredohudembyavcause s.b. to get tired, exhausted2.4.4Tired

ohudembyavcause s.b. to get tired, exhausted2.4.4Tiredder. ofohudemba

ohujonohavar.ohujoŋohavbe very tired, exhausted2.4.4Tired

ohulegeyavtire out; become exhausted, pooped out2.4.4Tired

ohulojohavbe exhausted, over-tired; have no energy2.4.4Tired

ohuluŋiirirav1be boredNenda ohutula nduŋiriiye mu nyumba.I want to go out, I’m bored in the house., bored3. tiredNduŋiriiye nʼohulera esanduuku.I am fatigued by carrying the box on my lap.2.4.4Tiredohuluŋiirisavbe tiresome3., bored

ohuniagavwalk in a sleepy way7.2.1.1Walk2.4.4Tired

ohuŋasa2v1tire, drain, exhaust s.b.2.4.4Tired2curse s.b. in order to cause their life to be wasted or unproductiveOlwohweŋulira huhwe nʼebibye bamuŋasa ŋahani aŋuma ehyali ni nahyo.Because of his pride with his property he was cursed, now he has nothing.ŋasagavwalk fast while panting or breathing hard7.2.1.1Walk2.2.1Breathe, breath2.4.4Tired

ohuŋasagavwalk fast while panting or breathing hard7.2.1.1Walk2.2.1Breathe, breath2.4.4Tiredder. ofohuŋasa2

ohuŋwamovbe totally exhausted2.4.4Tired

ohutogonyoha2vbe worn out, tired2.4.4Tired

ohutolanavbe unfit, physically out of shape2.4.2Weak2.4.4Tired

ohwayuuyavyawn; involuntary breathe in deeply with a widely opened mouth as a sign of hunger tiredness or boredomAbaana bayuuyire ni bali njala.The children yawned when they were hungry. expression2.4.4Tired

ohweŋoŋooniav1be sluggish, do s.t. at a lazy pace6. progress by attending to trivial things; not do s.t. on time8. poorly8. slowly

owʼeŋoniabʼeŋoninslow person; s.b. who does things in a sluggish way6. poorly7. slowly