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esimbaesimbanbachelor’s house; home in a family that is for youths who are yet to marry6.5.1.2Types of houses2.6.1.3Unmarried

obuŋuulunbachelorhood; state of being unmarried for a male2.6.1.3Unmarried

obuŋwehalinspinsterhood; state of being a single woman who has never married at all2.6.1.3Unmarried

omuŋuuluabaŋuulunbachelor; single unmarried man2.6.1.3Unmarried

omuŋwahaliabaŋwahalinspinster; independent woman without a husband who has never married2.6.1.3Unmarried

omusangaasaabasangaasanbachelor; unmarried man2.6.1.3Unmarried

omusaamaliabasaamalin1bachelor; man who has not married yetOmusaamali salya mere embalire.A bachelor does not eat warm meals.; man whose wife has died4.1.9.3Widow, widower