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hamungavar.hamooloadvperhaps; maybe; probably; possiblyHamunga ndifuna omulimo naye simanyire.Perhaps I shall get a job but I don’t know.9.4.4Epistemic moods9.4.4.3Probably

haniadvpossibly; would haveMbangaŋo hani abeebi ndi baŋira gaali yange.If I were present, the thieves would (not) have taken my bicycle.9.4.4Epistemic moods9.4.4.3Probably

ohumahavbe probable; assume an event to happenNiŋabitireŋo esaawa kwiye naweene emotoka eyafunire ahabenje nisusu nguhire; himanyiwa hiiti abayirmo bafu.After an hour I saw the mangled metals of a vehicle that had an accident; it is probable that its occupants are dead.

ohusobolavbe able, possible, manageable; can do9.4.2.1Can6.1.3.1Easy, possible9.4.4.3Probably to manage your own affairs; be improvident4. standard6.1.3.3Fail