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ohugumiravar.ohugumikirisaohuguminkirizaLugandavwait, endure, be patient; continue in a difficult state without changing attitude3.3.1.6Determined4.4.3.6Endure8.4.7Continue, persevere4.4.3.7Survive4.4.2.6Suffer4.3.1.5Patient7.2.7.3Waitder. ofohuguma

ohuŋonera hu lwalavnarrowly escape, just by the skin of the teethSynohuŋonera ŋadidiri7.2.6.3Escape4.4.3.7Surviveder. ofolwala

ohuŋonera ŋadidirivnarrowly escape, just by the skin of the teethSynohuŋonera hu lwala7.2.6.3Escape4.4.3.7Surviveder. ofhididiri

ohuŋunuha1v1escape; get away from confinement7.2.6.3Escape2survive; continue in existence after an adverse incidentGaŋunuhire emotoka ni yaguuye yefuula.He survived when the car overturned.ŋunulavhelp s.b. escape from confinement such as prison or a police cell. from trouble7.2.6.3Escape4.4.4Respond to someone in trouble4.3.4.2Help

ohwambuhav1cross a body of water, esp. a river or swampOlwejo hwambuhire enyanja.We crossed a river yesterday. past, over, through7.2.4.2Travel by water2Metaphor. survive; come through difficulties4.4.3.7Surviveohwambusavcarry people or goods across a body of water7.3Move something7. nyanjanIdiom. foreigner4.1.2Types of people4.6.2.1Foreigner

ohwisuuhav1be welcomed back from s.t.Yisuuha omwaha. Hwagwisuuhire.Happy New Year [Welcome from the year] We have come from it.Mwisuuhe oluguudo!Welcome back from the journey!, receive2survive4.4.3.7Survive3relieved from esp. pain, sickness etc., receive

olwalaenjalanfinger or toe; long jointed part of the body at the end of the palm or footOmuutu aba nʼenjala hu mihono nʼohu magulu.A person has fingers on the hands and toes on the feet., toeohuŋonera hu lwalavnarrowly escape, just by the skin of the teethSynohuŋonera ŋadidiri7.2.6.3Escape4.4.3.7Surviveolwala olwa ŋagatinmiddle finger2.1.3.3Finger, toeolwala olwʼepetanring finger; second finger next to the index finger on which a ring is fixed at marriage2.1.3.3Finger, toe