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hu limointerjgreeting; word used by the people when they enter a house to announce their being inside4., receive3. are in

hu liyointerjreply when greeted after the person greeting says ‘how is it over there?’, receive3. are there

kalibbuinterj‘welcome’ a greeting to s.b. arriving at a place4., receive3.

ohuheesavgreet4., receive3. greetings; ask s.b. how they are on the first meeting4., receive3.

ohuheesaniavexchange greetings; ask s.b. how they are on the first meeting4., receive3. ofohuheesa

ohunaaŋavreceive s.t. in a respectful mannerOmuutu omuhulu nahuŋa ehiitu ohinaaŋa nʼomuhono omulungi.When an elder gives you s.t. receive it with the right hand., receive4.3.7Polite7.4.3Get7.4.2Receive

ohwagaanirav1receive s.t. from s.b.Yagaaniira obule ohuŋwa eri ali muhwisa mu hyagi.Receive the millet from the one in the granary.7.4.3Get7.4.2Receive2receive; welcome visitors in the homeGaganiiye obugeni wange obunaletire ni nolire mu mago gage.He took the present that I brought on my arrival in his homestead., receive

ohwisuuhav1be welcomed back from s.t.Yisuuha omwaha. Hwagwisuuhire.Happy New Year [Welcome from the year] We have come from it.Mwisuuhe oluguudo!Welcome back from the journey!, receive2survive4.4.3.7Survive3relieved from esp. pain, sickness etc., receive

ohwisuusavwelcomeHutiina ohwisuusa abasiraamu abaŋooye eMaaka.We are going to welcome the Muslims who have come back from Mecca., receiveder. ofohwisuuha